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  1. Yes I know, but I guess I just assumed they had met as he remixed GGW
  2. Im not sure why she says nice to meet you I thought they had worked together!???
  3. I think the censor from what I remember is the use of the gun (water pistol) and the name of the old 'Kuntz' Home, as in C**t is blurred. I also think the car hitting the road hockey players and the guy at the petrol station was also left out.
  4. But the album is only in concept stage, I doubt she has even done any vocal recordings, more like just listening to melodies and writing lyrics... I doubt there will be a single this year! LOL
  5. Oh god if she did it would be : Ray of Light, Imagine, Hung Up, Like a prayer and La isla Bonita, the standard appearance set list ;(
  6. Kylie Minogue

  7. Good luck! Even if they did I doubt they would share or post on here for legal and copyright issues!
  8. I just think its hilarious that Ciao Italia, is actually, Turin, Florence and Tokyo all cut together... Tokyo!!! How is that Italy!! False advertising lol
  9. Not her best look, that dress does not flatter her fuller figure. The fact is she always gains some weight when not preparing for a tour etc. She is nearly 60! But it would seem she has had more face work done and the rest of the body is showing her real age.... ;(
  10. You do all realize that she does sing along to backing tracks and prerecorded live vocals on most of her tours these days? Very rare that she sings totally live anymore... when you are at the show you dont really notice it as you are in the crowd and the there is a lot more noise in the venue. Example, the openings of iconic and girl gone wild and vogue (re-invention) are all pre-recorded live vocals, she never sang any of them live at any show. Blonde Ambition Express yourself you cant really hear her live vocal as it was drowned out by backing tracks... WTGWT is the only show she has every done fully live, even the Virgin Tour she sang over backing tracks to boost her vocal
  11. I'm 47 and am always surprised that there are still younger people at the shows. I first saw her in 1987 at the WTGWT. I think personally she should stop trying so hard to be relevant or working with the likes of Niki M to get a younger audience. Just continue to make great pop songs if people like it then great!
  12. I think you will find we are already in WW3 with the increase of attacks. London here is still shocked by the latest terror attacks...
  13. Since 1985! And all these years later, still obsessed! Here is pic of me back in the 80s! About 16!
  14. This was my attic room in the 80's, I was so obsessed, plus I look about 5! I have been collecting since then. Now it's all in storage!