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  1. I agree! Damita Jo was a pretty decent album that was the point where she started to work with other people besides Jam & Lewis. Although they (Jam & Lewis) collaborated with different writers and producers on that record the same with 20 Y/O and in the album Discipline they didn't work on that record at all. My favorite songs off of Damita Jo - Sexhibition, Damita Jo - Strawberry Bounce, Island Life, R&B Junkie, I Want You, Truly, Slolove and Put Your Hands On 20YO - Show Me, Get it Out of Me, Do it 2 Me, Daybreak, Enjoy, Roll Witchu (This song should have taken the place of "This Body" I HATE that song) Discipline - Feedback , Rock with U, What's Ur Name So yeah, I would say that Damita Jo was a pretty decent album then it started going down from there I suppose.....Up until Unbreakable which is an outstanding album.
  2. Believe me when I say I was not throwing any kind of shade when I said that I thought Unbreakable was better than Rebel Heart. I think Rebel Heart is an okay album and I love some of the songs that are on there but I just think that Unbreakable is a solid album start to finish while in Rebel Heart I tend to skip over a lot of its songs. I understand that these are two different artists and albums but these two artists pop icons and pop contemporaries. I felt the same when Madonna released Confessions and a year later Janet released 20 Y.O a year later. I felt Confessions was the better album from start to finish as well while 20 Y.O. was dull. Even when Madonna released Hard Candy and Janet released Discipline in 2008 2 months of each other I felt that Hard Candy was the stronger album. These two artists have been always compared in the past and will continue to be compared into the future. That's jut the way it is unfortunately. Just as Prince is always compared to Michael Jackson even though they are different artists.....its just part of the game.
  3. They are on the deluxe versions sold at Target in America and HMV in the UK. I don't know anywhere else that has the bonus tracks.
  4. I loooooove that song.
  5. I got the full song....its on the deluxe version.
  6. I'm pretty sure those two bonus tracks are only sold in Target stores in America, HMV stores in the UK and the Japanese itunes store.
  7. I won't kill ya....I actually agree with you. I think that this album is stronger than RH in my opinion. I think Madonna needs to go back to her roots and go back to working with previous producers and ect instead of trying to find the newest hottest producers and people to work with. Janet has always kept the same producers up until her her album "Damita Jo" when she started to branch out to other producers and her work started to go downhill from there. Then for this album she worked exclusively with Jam and Lewis once again who worked on her best albums (Control, Rhythm Nation, Janet, Velvet Rope and All For you). I don't hate RH....But I don't think its a very strong album and I feel the same way with her MDNA album as well. Sometimes working with the newest, hottest or flavor of the month producers sometimes does not produce the greatest results. To me I think Unbreakable seems like a seamless cohesive album while I feel that both MDNA and RH is a little all over the place and random. But that is just my opinion.
  8. This album has me ....
  9. I agree. Dare I say its better than Rebel Heart (runs and hides ).....Even though there are some great songs in Rebel Heart I think I enjoyed Janet's album a little more. I really loved "Dammn Baby", "Night", "Dream Maker/ Euphoria" and "The Great Forever" Those songs are really a stand out for me. However, the whole album is just amazing to be quite honest.
  10. I just listened to the album and I have to say its a very solid album and its her best work since The Velvet Rope/All For You. Interludes are not mixed with the songs....in fact, there are no interludes really.