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  1. Thanks!
  2. Is there a Lady Gaga forum similar to this one with audio, video, and photo downloads?
  3. Is there a version of "Erotica" where she actually says "I'll teach you how to f*ck" instead of moaning. Just curious.
  4. I still can't find the vocal ending :(
  5. Has anyone had their order shipped yet? Just curious. I haven't gotten any kind of update or anything yet.
  6. Curious on everyone's thoughts. The pop world is full of illuminati imagery, including Madonna. Do you think there is any truth to the illuminati? Do you think they are they evil?
  7. Madonna: 'Physical Attraction' Like A Virgin: 'Stay' True Blue: 'Love Makes The World Go Round' Like a Prayer: 'Spanish Eyes' I'm Breathless: 'Something To Remember' Erotica: 'Thief of Hearts' Bedtime Stories: 'Don't Stop' Ray of Light: 'Sky Fits Heaven' Music: 'I Deserve It' American Life: 'Intervention' Confessions on a Dance Floor: 'Forbidden Love' Hard Candy: 'Devil Wouldn't Recognize You' MDNA: 'Gang Bang' Rebel Heart: Either 'Rebel Heart' or 'Devil Pray'
  8. I was never a big Kesha fan, but I do like the new song.
  9. Can someone upload the vocal ending version?? I don't have that version!