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  1. Sadly she skipped the names of Steve Bray and Shep Pettibone in her Hall of Fame induction speech and I was like: "bitch, really?"
  2. The Holy Trinity: Madonna-Leonard-Bray
  3. It was wonderful! The anticipation for every new record was intoxicating, like when Like a Prayer was about to debut and Pepsi commercials were teased on TV. By the time Vogue came out her fans were in Cloud 9!!! we were trying to get a hold of anything and everything: lyrics, music videos, cassette tapes, vinysl, magazine clippings! And there was NO INTERNET!! NO SOCIAL MEDIA!! and yet she was the most talked about entertainer next to MJ. Erotica/SEX actually changed the game. I remember a list in a 1993/1994 magazine reading: "OUTS: Madonna INS: Mocking Madonna". Now she was ridiculed and vilified way more than the usual and she actually lost a lot of her not-so-loyal fanbase (prudes!)...but the gays remained by her side so for a while she became our little underdog Ditta, so those were good times too.
  4. 1. Spanish Lesson 2. B-Day Song 3. Superstar 4. Holy Water 5. Mer Girl 6. Don't Stop 7. Mother and Father 8. Give Me All Your Luvin 9. Bitch I'm Madonna 10. Jimmy Jimmy
  5. Loved it! She looks at her best when not trying to shock.
  6. Will do!
  7. Thank you, guys!
  8. Hi, I recently began designing and selling Madonna lapel pins. Eventually I want to create a small collection of some of her most iconic looks. This is my first pin and I'm open to ideas for other designs, so please share them here! Vogue's "Strike a pose" might be next!
  9. Did she sign memorabilia/autographs?
  10. I live in LA too! How you guys knew about the Barneys event?