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  1. Version 1 (5:18) Has singing in it Version 2 (4:40) Is Instrumental with Madonna just singing mmm mmm mmm in it
  2. I have Arioso Versions 1 and 2 but you not allowed to share it on here
  3. I have both those versions of Freedom As for Has To Be, been checking my Madonna files and I have 5:25 version with a longer intro which is the Full Version
  4. That's The "Full Version" I don't think it's been leaked yet
  5. Lady Gaga and Miley ain't in the same league as Madonna though
  6. As much as Madonna is obviously the queen, looks like the best selling female artist soon is going to be: Rihanna
  7. I honestly can't choose which album I like the most, now I can easily say which one's I don't like and never listen to, there's only 2 of them
  8. Maybe Madonna should release a country album, they don't care how old you are and they sell bucketloads
  9. Let's see if her new album brings out any hit singles, I'm really hoping it does something
  10. I like Peter Rauhofer Remixes
  11. I would like the full 15 minute version of Ray Of Light to be included
  12. I'm really interested in how she promotes her next single and album
  13. I've had it for years but not in WAV and I know you guys seem to love WAV
  14. I agree with you, I certainly never traded them, I've still refused to listen to them
  15. Well I don't agree with all that your saying, yes she isn't a mainstream artist anymore and of course she should record what she wants but I guarantee she's annoyed she doesn't get in the charts anymore, if you think she isn't, you're crazy. Radio 1 are the biggest radio station in the UK, if she did, say a week in their studios and had her song on rotation, obviously assuming the song is good, she will have a hit. She should also go on X Factor as well in the live finals, that would give her a younger audience. I do believe Madonna could have a hit again, she just needs to get a proper record label and management behind her.