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  1. “It’s a beautiful plan, but I’m not concerned. It’s a beautiful game, that I never learned. You have taught me to shut my mouth, better not to get burned. Keep your beautiful lies cause I’m not concerned,”
  3. I don't know i'm guessing that's probably the case.
  4. I've been told its unlikely it will be released due to rights issues with the music :(
  5. OMG She's Incredible
  6. Absolutely
  7. Where has Madonna been in London or New York recording?
  8. He was an amazing talent his version of Rebel Heart was the best without a doubt in my opinion. :(
  9. The most underrated album in my opinion is American Life, I absolutely love this album at the time it got a lot of negativity..
  10. it looks ok if you watch it as i tiny box on your phone LOL why on earth would we want to watch it in good quality!
  11. Does anyone know anyone who's actually heard it?
  12. I was told they are in fact 2 different songs too..