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  1. Does anyone know anyone who's actually heard it?
  2. I was told they are in fact 2 different songs too..
  3. Looks great thank you for you continued efforts fighter.
  4. Don't like it when they do stuff like that.. Holiday is not for promoting pizza's :(
  5. This is a very hard choice, I'm gonna go with Ghosttown
  6. When the next album is released they want to work on getting some other stuff released too. It all increases the hype.... For example a Blu Ray box set of previous tours... Maybe some new remasters with extra tracks... Imagine lots of products released a the same time, it could only increase the success. I know I'm dreaming :( Imagine walking in to a shop and seeing wall to wall new Madonna releases
  7. Who or what is xkir5tenx??
  8. probably one of the worst, the song it's great either...
  9. According to the BBC site, it includes acoustic version of Like A Prayer.... I Doubt that
  10. I love the Lisbon footage, it's RAW and miles better than the last couple of official releases...
  11. They don't care anymore ;( it's a shame :(
  12. may i ask what was
  13. Yeah think it was a quick comment, I would imagine a new album first. I don't get the impression she's recorded anything yet. Unless she has Patrick Leonard over there with her... He vanished off instagram
  14. I would be surprised if she tours without first bringing out an album...