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  1. HAHAHAHAAAA LMFAO The prelude of a new era is always so hilarious. All those fake titles that always surface, like in 2011 "Solar Salvation" "Sitting On The Whole World" etc...
  2. Thanks!
  3. That will be a wise decision. Before Estere and Stelle leaks it
  4. I think it's already time for another Rain Tapes demo to leak pretty please? :lol:


  5. Christina Cyrus?
  6. Hope I'm wrong, but she has the grillz? please no while recording
  7. So good memories. By that time I remember I was in Brussels, on my first trip to Europe and I heard a really short snippet of Frozen on the radio and something about a new album coming soon, it was still the pre massive internet era so all was more surprising and exciting. Then I saw the CD single in some german record store and I played it on those cd players they had for preview. I was so happy with the new sound, those incredible remixes and that beautiful cover. ROL was a great era
  8. +1 And don´t forget about the next movie...
  9. Can somebody please edit the topic title? She doesn't say she is touring in 2018... Maybe she takes 2018 to work on new material, hope I'm wrong but I don't see a tour coming before 2019.
  10. Ok, I fell in love with "Saint". The whole album Is growing in me, so beautifully done
  11. Ok, I see, album is already on Youtube. Listening to it right now
  12. I think I started paying attention to Madonna since True Blue era, especially hearing La Isla Bonita on the radio, I remember that I was surprised she sang some lines in Spanish. Some years later when I started going clubbing it was Erotica era, Fever and Rain videos where played on the screens. I always loved House music from the early 90's, and one day some friend borrowed me a lot of Madonna CD singles, so I was amazed from all the house remixes. I became a real fan when she came to shoot Evita in Buenos Aires, since then I started following her and collecting her releases.
  13. Love it! can't wait to hear the whole album
  14. Wooow that work in progress scripts are so interesting. Live To Tell was considered to be part of set list. Madonna Flying on a crane during Like A Virgin?, and coming down from the pole at the very end