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  1. I'm not repeating what you said, I'm emphasizing that we think the same though you didn't get my point when I first said it.
  2. Less energetic doesn't mean less impressive or spectacular. A good example is the Rebel Heart Tour, the performance of HearBreakCity is not exactly physically demanding yet the theatrics were over the roof.
  3. Don't fool yourself, we'll get a CD release for sure (even a cassette one for hardcore collectors like everyone has been doing recently), the thing is that I hope there won't be a useless standard edition like the last time... I'm a little late to the party but I have to say that floor tickets in Europe are better and worse at the same time. Better because they are clearly cheaper than in other regions (we don't have seats (except for the UK), we are standing), but worse because fans can be very bitchy and disrespectful. I remember the MDNA tour in Barcelona, I was outside the triangle in the 3rd row or so and everytime she aproached us everyone would push. The nearer she'd get, the less I'd be able to breathe. However, I got the same conditions in Paris for the Rebel Heart Tour and fans weren't pushing half as much as they did in Barcelona so... Maybe it's just an issue of the Spanish dates As for her doing smaller venues... Well, I'd prefer the kind of arena shows that she's pulled until now. The thing is that the way she's done it she can't carry on with it anymore. I'm not being ageistic, just realistic. She can, however, tone things down: less choreography, less energetic dance moves... I mean, more imagery, more stage tricks, more atrezzo, whatever. For example, Kylie has barely moved until now and her shows are fantastic. Les Folies, for example, has like two dance breaks and the rest of the time the choreo is pretty basic. And Mylène Farmer is another good example, her choreographies couldn't be more easy and relaxed, Madonna could do that for sure.
  4. Apparently she's already booked some European and Australian dates for the Golden Tour so the announcement for those legs might come soon.
  5. Really interesting and a pretty good job, but I'd prefer spending those 55€ (over 70€ with p&p) on some Madonna collectibles so... It's a no from me for now.
  6. The Spanish BR is region free.
  7. If it's region free it does.
  8. Shadows and fog is already on bluray too.
  9. I'd kill for a vinyl edition of Ultimate Kylie.