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  1. I no longer fucking care if it's for MDNASkin or not. I mean, i know it is for MDNASkin lol what i mean is... Guys, we're having another photoshoot/video ad!!!!! And i'm happy with that!!!!
  2. Seriously, did everybody forget THIS????
  3. Feliz cumple guapo!!!!! :-*
  4. Guys, it's OBVIOUSLY for MDNA Skin, even in the last video all the products can be seen in a table before the Lempika is shown.
  5. PUT UR FUCKING HANDS ALL OVER MY BODY, GURL!!! <3 #EroticaVibes A gif was meant to be made LOL
  6. Why isn't everybody talking about THIS right now???!!!??? SHE LOOKS A-MAZING!!!!!!!.
  7. Maybe they rejected it... Who knows...
  8. It maybe be the Dance On auditions to be her next trainer, remember that? I'm sure it is for MDNASkin tho.
  9. @Fighterthose r Aja, Morgan and ChiChi. One will come back.
  10. Here's the last episode and the meet the queens!!!!: [Hidden Content]
  11. Since the Fat Jew is there again, maybe is another MDNASkin promo.
  12. OK Gentlemen, who's ready for tonight's race???!!!
  13. Or the new album shoot, because she's been laughing at us and actually it is fully recorded LOOOOL