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  1. This wasnt hers. It's just an ad.
  2. I refuse to believe that her skincare line sells more than a Deluxe Anniversary Edition of Ray of Light would. Priorities, Madonna. Priorities. The Madonna of 1998 would laugh at the idea of a skincare line.
  3. Love the new look! It'll go great with the new album. Great job, Fighter!
  4. B-Day Song. I'll never understand, of all the things recorded for MDNA, THAT track saw the light of day. I love Madonna, but how can someone who puts out Drowned World, Intervention, Like a Prayer, Forbidden Love and Hung Up, come up with B-Day Song and put it on her album? Weird.
  5. Open Your Heart, Like a Virgin among others all started out as writer’s demos.
  6. Having them sing backup on Living For Love, Holy Water, Unapologetic Bitch, Hold Tight, Beautiful Scars and Addicted wouldve given the tracks some oomph!
  7. Don’t Stop just has that feel-good groove. It’s fun. Just wish we had a 12’’ Extended Mix. Wish the Instrumental would leak. Then I could make one.
  8. American Life, since 2003, has NEVER left my Ipod.
  9. Beautiful Scars. For its lyrics, the bassline, its sweet yet unapologetic nature.
  10. It’s from a bootleg cd.
  11. An actual WAV of Avicii Heart.
  12. Re-release the American Life album today and it would fly much higher.
  13. MUNA - Relief Next To Me (Song) MUNA- About U (Album) 80’s-inspired melodies, great hooks. My album of the moment.