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  1. Can we keep anything NEW ALBUM related in the NEW ALBUM Thread. No need to start new ones every time new details emerge.
  2. As much as id love a performance Monday and new music released this week, we always seem to get our hopes up for nothing in these things. Im hopeful, but will believe it when I see it. Madonna’s entourage has a hard time keeping tight lipped about anything.
  3. I think,at this point in her career, she could forget about working with the coolest DJ. Stick to people that work for you and can extract new ideas and sounds. Expand on ideas. Experiment. There’s an implicit between her and Mirwais. I always thought he’d brought out her true, creative self. And she just sounds great with him.
  4. Well, working with Mirwais makes sense if she’s thinking about being political (the world wasnt ready for American Life, as it would probably be go over differently today). And she seems to be going toward this idea of her and a guitar on stage. Performing the Mirwais tracks seems to come easy to her. Im super excited. I always thought she’d found her perfect match in Mirwais electronic-acoustic sensibility.
  5. The mixes are out on Itunes in most countries at this time. The 12’’ mix and the Italo mix are really awesome! Ewan’s 12’’ mastermix is pure gold and plays with the vocals and just makes it fun. Powerdance turn it into a churning disco groove. Great set of mixes!
  6. Rebel Heart and American Life should be in there. These lists are all so subjective anyway. But I appreciate the article and agree with what is written.
  7. Ewan Pearson stretches out and beefs up the album version for the um, dancefloor, on his 12" mastermix. Powerdance give it a groovy, bad-ass disco makeover. Im REALLY excited for these mixes!! I cant stop playing this album, this track expecially. Dancefloor, Sister, Air, Face, Guitar are my faves.
  8. Kylie Minogue

    Maybe I havent paid close enough attention to it, but alot of the songs sound the same. It might grow on me. I do like most of it so far, though.
  9. Remixes pushed back a week.
  10. Kylie Minogue

    Where are people finding this record?
  11. 1- Dancefloor (Ewan Pearson 12” Mastermix) 2- Dancefloor (Pearson and Lindbald Italo Mix) 3- Dancefloor (Powerdance Extended Disco Mix) 4- Dancefloor (Powerdance Mix) 5- Dancefloor (Album Mix) Coming Friday, April 6th.
  12. Im under the impression we are not getting a single word about this album until the day it drops.
  13. Remixes for "Dancefloor" are mastered and awaiting release.
  14. Also check out her tune “Half-Light” on George Fitzgerals’s new album. Moody, electronic bob perfect for a late-niht bike ride.
  15. It might be coincidence, but them posting pics in the studio on the same day is just messing with our heads. I mean, if they're not working together, then they just love messing with us.