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  1. Thanks guys! x
  2. I don't think the people in that video could be classed as 'very old'. If you think they are old then you must think Madonna should be in the Old Kuntz Home.
  3. Yes it's me. I've stuck with that username for like a thousand years now lol Thank you x
  4. Thank you! x
  5. Sept 5th
  6. What 'meet & greet' is he talking about?
  7. You're the delusional one.
  8. I hope not. It's one Madonna song I won't be buying.
  9. It's a piece of paper. You can see other bits of paper in the reflection later on in the video.
  10. It's not official.
  11. She did say it was because she was more of a dog person and being a Leo she is a cat herself...
  12. This Saturday.
  13. LOL!! Me next probably... Just nuts.