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  1. I remember an mp3 clip back in the past from the madonnacatalog run by scaraco
  2. In the not leaked demo she sings "I like to do a different kind of dance "
  3. many years ago an instru intro was posted on the old chileforo but cannot remember if it was confirmed as real
  4. @@Dazedmadonna thnaks for the info.let me know if you find a pic of it
  5. @@Dazedmadonna do you have further info on the promo where the inst tv for jml is from!?
  6. So should we consider the 4'48 the original BU version and the 3'45 like an alternate mix/remix?
  7. I don't think Leonard was ever involved in the CFY production...or was he?
  8. @@JackieAll the demos are doing the rounds? Can't really understand how come the never heard before songs (like YATO and Shame) leaked while others are still unleaked:(((((
  9. @@bertrand yeah i do think it looks quite fake... some say that scaraco made some fake ref cd's in the past
  10. @@bertrand the reference cd was on the mcatalog back then...
  11. Hello everybody! 2 versions from the promo tape doesn't seem to have Leaked Quieter vocal No Marvin intro Is it correct? Oh and btw i remember this from mcatalog......fake? Acetate CD Tracklisting : 1. I Want You (Back track) 2. I Want You (Instrumental) 3. I Want You (House Remix) 4. I Want You (Louder Lead Vocal) 5. I Want You (Orchestral) 6. I Want You (Orchestral 2nd Load) 7. I Want You (Orchestra Only) 8. I Want You (Orchestra Exceps) Thanks for the HELPPPPPP
  12. Are stems and multitracks the same thing? (Silly question I know)
  13. @@Curtains Is the only demo with the different chorus line? So the full demo of this version is still unleaked?