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  1. ha oui j'avais pas vu ça en plus lol
  2. white cover
  3. It's written on the jacket but did you watch the DVD? @@Rebel
  4. Thank you for your answer ;-) and if you have desperately seeking susan, you will see that the trailer is not there while it is indicated on the jacket
  5. I have a question about the movie Desperately seeking Suan. I own 2 DVDs of the film, the French edition and the US edition. But I just noticed that the duration of the film is not the same for both: French edition: 1: 39: 15sec US edition: 1: 43: 36sec I said that there is no blank at the beginning or the end, it's really the duration of the film from beginning to end. Someone has more info? .... and on the 2 dvd it is indicated that there is the trailer but in fact it is not there!
  6. ok thanks
  7. about the clip Turn up the radio, I do not see the difference between the censored & uncensored version. does anyone have an idea?
  8. I just want Express yourself
  9. [Hidden Content] password: HzeilzReukkays
  10. [Hidden Content] password: HzeilzReukkays
  11. [Hidden Content] password: HzeilzReukkays
  12. these 3 demos have already leaked a long time ago? Addicted (Demo 2014.09) Living For Love (Ruff 2014.06.13) Rebel Heart (Demo #4)
  13. I'm always a little lost between DEMOS & UNRELEASED