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  1. This is a fake dvd pressed in late 2000
  2. :((
  3. I think she used playback in some shows
  4. For Me...Also Everybody and beautiful Stranger
  5. • Rain (Remix Instrumental) [320kbps] Immaculate Collection: • Justify My Love (Lossless WAV) • Vogue (Lossless WAV) • Express Yourself (320kbps) Like A Prayer: • Like A Prayer (Instrumental) - with background vocals [from TV Instrumentals & Misc. CD) [320kbps] Miscellaneous Instrumentals: • Everybody (Lossless WAV) • Into The Groove (Lossless WAV) • Physical Attraction (Lossless WAV) • I Want You (Lossless WAV) • Open Your Heart (MQ) • Where's The Party (HQ) • La Isla Bonita (Extended) [HQ-MQ] • Broken (Lossless APE) @Madgesty please can u share them??? thank u
  6. ....ok ahahah
  7. Fighting spirit better than Isaac...... OMG...
  8. Well It was just an idea
  9. As I know there are two demos test for ray of Light And Also a short mash-Up between addicted and impressive