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  1. My top 3: Desperately seeking Susan Warning Signs Angels with Dirty Faces
  2. +1 Warning Signs and Desperately Seeking Susan
  3. Would still love to hear Warning Signs one day
  4. Some of the things you describe are definitely true (for some fans it is really important to stand 30 inches closer to Madonna than the others and they'll do everything to defend their territory) but for every bitchy fan there is always a genuine nice and friendly person.
  5. Me neither
  6. OMG she fell hard... But fortunately she's a pro. But she was clearly shaken.
  7. I love most of the final versions, only a little bit disappointed that Wash all over me isn't dance anymore and I really miss the 'rebel he-ea-earrt'-segment. Can someone make a mix which combines the demo and the album version?
  8. Thanks for all the exciting info. I just hope Rebel Heart is not the acoustic version.
  9. If Madonna would release an anthology boxset with ALL her old demos like Warning signs etc, all this drama would end. Every fan would buy it, everybody would be happy (except the people who are selling them )