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  1. here is another one, Rebel Heart is amazing album but she should have shorted it to 13 songs Re-Invention Tour is her worst most boring tour
  2. i hate MDNA album, it would be Ok if it was released as some B singers album but it doesn't really reach her quality and we all know she can do much better and another one: I love Bitch I'm Madonna
  3. Please don't perfom imagine ... just dont... sadly that's the only song i'm 100% convinced she will
  4. When that cage came down in Prague i started shaking af and had the biggest histerical moment in my life, i know her music since my parents were listening to her and i wanted to see her since i've seen confessions tour in TV i was 6 or 7 back then, and it was just magical, she's so beautiful and so powerfull, she was full of love she gave us throught the perfomance.
  5. Holy Water, Devil Pray and even Iconic is a problem... but S.E.X. is on without any difference
  6. "I'm fucking hot" :D :D :D
  7. I'm looking at instagram photos that were posted a minutes ago and the stadium is still almost empty :-(
  8. let's hope in HQ recording of the show <3
  9. i don't think so, i personaly think that people are just sharing stuff they've been collection through years, i don't see a reason why Madonna woul have those files on computer
  10. the setlist is perfect, i would only change Rebel Heart for Ghosttown and add Like a Prayer every night, i had that luck and she perfomed it on my night and the crowd was so fucking exited
  11. I went to Rebel Heart Tour in Prague (8/11/2015) and everything went smooth exept of two womans standing behin me and my friend who were bitchy as fuck but exept of them there wasn't any problem, i arrived to Prague and the O2 arena at 5pm and simply followed instructions and i got to THE FRONT ROW of a mainstage, i was there like probably 200th in the arena and everyone went to the heart or to the cross and the main stage space was almost empty, without any problem, just follow the instructions and everything will go smooth :-) M pointed at me and looked at me and smiled at me a few times and i just ca't imagine how my first Madonna show could be better :-) My Spot