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  1. Aweful layout.

    1. Fighter


      We'll be adding different ones soon :)

  2. My first thought when I saw that IG picture, and as I wrote in her instagram account is: WTF. No more words.
  3. Luv it, actually a guy named Nick Jarjour is on studio with her, he represents producers and song writers Cirkuit, Alex Da Kid and Starrah.
  4. Can't fuckin' wait if is true!
  5. @Madgesty could you please share the MDNA, Hard Candy and Confessions instrumentals that you have? Please please please.
  6. I'd choose to: Jack Antonoff who produced Melodrama by Lorde wich also received a Grammy Award nomination for Album of the Year at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, I can't imagine how good M would sound with such amazing songs like: Homemade Dynamite, Green Light, Sober or Writer In The Dark Jeff Bhasker who produced West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy wich won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, in 2012. With powerful dance tracks like Lost in the World Madonna would deffinetely return to the charts. Frank Dukes who produced the last Camila Cabello album, it sounds modern, cool, fresh and sober without those Major Lazer sounds that infects most of the songs nowadays. An finally Max Martin, but only for vocal production, he creates good catchy pop melodies wich would help to M to refresh her voice.
  7. Can't fucking wait
  8. 1) What happened with Stuart Price?, he was on the road with you for so many years and suddenly he disappeared (Kevin Antunes is a mess) 2) Why (for the last 2 albums) you choosed an extend track list instead of just a couple solid songs? 3) Would you release the whole collection with bonus tracks?
  9. Does anyone thinks that it's time for a Max Martin/Jack Antonoff collaboration? I mean, they´re the big names behind those big hits in the industry nowadays.
  10. When she dies, there will be thousend of new "fans" and sadly there will be a number one hit again, but, everyone will regret, because today they're throwing her art.
  11. Hello everyone, I wasn't sure about where to post this playlist. I made it based on major sales worldwide, U.K sales and U.S.A. sales, and I considered only 20 songs per chart to create a shorter playlist. I also included the 10 most watched videos (songs) on youtube and spotify to make a more precise rank of her most iconic songs. The playlist begings with the best selling single and continues that way. I included radio versions, except (for example) "Into the Groove" and "Holiday" wich I prefer in ther original leghts. Feel free to share it and follow me if you liked it. These are the sources I read to made the playlist.
  12. Does anybody knows if there's an iTunes booklet for this release?
  13. Simply beautiful.
  14. I don't understand why it has to start with the "medieval warrior bitch goddess" line, really? Aggg it sucks!