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  1. That was not a real demo...it was me just playing fun...if you read what I wrotte you would get it...

  2. it's all I have to say...
  3. Thank you, babe I'm at peace I think. Just ordered a new hard drive. Collectiing the links all around, but the first thing I replaced was sex uncut master video and outtakes, MDNA tour rough audion...
  4. It doesnst even recognize the drive. I saw a few videos online, and manage to open it...the disc has a scratch...probably it happened cause of the fall.
  5. Oh my...little by little irealize all the stuff i lost...I does the cloud works?
  6. its so...being angry will not make it better...
  7. I'm...I don't know. a little accident and my external drive falled on the floor. All my rare Madonna and Kylie stuff gone away. Tours, demos, a lot stuff...I cant even remember. I manage to open the disk and I see scracths. I wanted to get angry but what's the point? Madonna, Kylie, my pictures I didnt saved in any other place, artwork...How can I reconstruct all this? Before it happened I was saving some last stuff in it...and isn't it ironic? i cant even say a bad word...stems, multitracks from them and also Michael Jackson...
  8. i wish it but doubt it will happen
  9. irrelevant like you.
  10. Hideous comments are reductive. I wasnt a fan. Knew a few songs, and a friend introduced me more into her work. That year i decided to go to her show. She conquered me. Her sympathy is sweet, her smile is beautiful, and she does great music. The world is not Madonna only...
  11. Bitch, please! :-)
  12. ...

  13. if it's a redidency here in my country, I don't mind ;)
  14. its in Portugal, they say she will be moving to here soon...so, I guess it's natural she does a festival. Didnt she the Coachela years ago? here is your answer