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  1. It could be a bonus disc with the virgin tour bluray
  2. Hard to choose but my vote goes to met gala because it's the more recent
  3. I like Avicci's version of Rebel Heart and WAOM but it's clearly not a Madonna sound and those versions would be overdated nowadays
  4. Because she wanted to ? Because it's her carreer and she'll do what she want to do ?
  5. I know there are 2 versions of this song The "non european" version was already uploaded on her channel (in 2009 I guess) and had reached more than 2.300.000 views. The quality was quite the same. So I can't see the point of deleting it to upload it again.
  6. This version was already on her channel. I don't understand why it was uploaded again in a similar quality
  7. She kept the role for Dita's persona But for M-Dolla, I don't really think that she embodied this persona
  8. If it's real, do you know if those are considered as good periods to release a single and an album ?
  9. Ahahah I'm 100% with you about the Aldo Diaz thing. He can keep his "art" lol
  10. Amal was a fail in my point of view. She didn't even try to fit the theme and her look was
  11. I'm so excited for tonight. It promises to be ICONIC For Janet, I can't deny the fact that she had success during the end of the 80's and the 90's but she has disappeared at the beggining of the 2000's. And BTW, I don't think that she could be recognized as an icon worldwide. I mean, for instance, here in France she's barely remembered
  12. Now that Madonna's team has uploaded some news videos on youtube, we have to stream them and honored our eyes and ears

  13. I'm hyped by this collavoration with Mirwais. I'd love an electro album with a fresh sound. There are a lot of great electro producers such as Petit Biscuit, Moderat, or Paradis
  14. Is Madonna really on Kelly and Ryan's show today ? 

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      Actually, I  posted that on another status (on topic).  Not sure how it got on this status? Odd it's posted twice as well?  Looks like some bug??


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      Well, it definitely could apply to my responses above. They are "random" and make no sense in this chain of discussion. LOL!