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  1. I always use nero, maybe pal or region, incomplete files, try using nero expres, option 'Data DVD' just put the folders in the window and thats the way I do it
  2. @@SpencerCSR it depends if it's a complete DVD (AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders or all the files even if they don't come in that folders, you can create it and all the files goes in the VIDEO_TS folder) and the other case is if the files you want to burn are simple files like .mkv, .avi, etc. In the first case you only need to put the folders in the program and burn them in data mode, if they're differente clips you need tu burn, then do it In the Video mode. If u need more info just ask ;), I don't use DVD anymore for video files, but I did :P
  3. Love when she dedices to give us good videos, and the song <3
  4. I think there will be at least two more world tours, there are many artists over 60 touring these days, and she can stiil keep doing music without touring, so we'll enjoy Mdollas new music at least if she decides stop making live concerts.
  5. I think the S&S Tour (BRD) is great talking about the video, it looks great I was hoping the MDNA was as clear as the S&S was, when I attended it in Mexico City, and I didn't care about the Lyp-synch songs like 'GGW' (It's one of my favorite ever), because I love recordings to watch like it was live (When I watched the Sticky & Sweet BRD, for example, I noticed the rain during 'Human Nature' ( I don't remember watched it on the DVD ver.) but the audio is obviously odd beacause yo hear M-dolla singing the song in a perfect way, but if you keep hearing, the echoes sounds like the real live audio of her voice (Very funny to me) And I thank very much that they corrected the main vocal, because when I play that concert in public, is better to hear better vocals than real Madonna singin', I think she sounds real and good for example in the 'Confessions Tour' even in 'Drowned World tour' or 'Girlie Show' but I Prefer edited vocals on 'S&S' than the original, I watched It on Front row and it was horrible to hear (It was my first M Live and I loved it, but her vocals was very LQ) I Love the video quality in the BRD and the fixed audio, I think it was over processed and prefer for example the ' CT' audio but, hearing the edited is better than the live audio. (Very Personal opinion)