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  1. Beautiful cover for the 20th Anniversary Special Deluxe Edition! Oh, sorry... 100th Anniversary I'll be gone before it happens!
  2. I have this feeling it is a quote from Greta Wells... I read the book months ago and in Italian, yet it fits the story!
  3. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/madonnas-ray-of-light-6-things-you-didnt-know-w516946 Apparently Rick Nowels wrote 10 songs with M, that's what he says in this new article, so considering: Power of goodbye, Little star, To have and not to hold, Gone gone gone, Like a flower, Revenge, and also maybe Alone again THERE ARE STILL THREE MORE!!!
  4. How I'd love to hear First is a kiss and Love attack
  5. What can I say??
  6. The only one I really can't listen to remains Candy Perfume Girl. So irritating. Your honesty comes closer. I like Jimmy Jimmy and Did you do it and Love spent. Survival is even between my favourites! I deserve it? So beautiful!!! And there are some (rare) moments when Ifind myself listening to Candy Shop or Shoo-bee-doo or Don't stop.
  7. Today I heard Nothing really matters and Niki's voice is so perfect! Yes Living for love could have had another chance with them... I wonder why they can't find real backup singers and performers!! But unfortunately this is part of the mystery of live music in the last tours... Unfortunately I fear that the attention N&D got from us was the reason why M decided not to let anyone else steal her scene... but that wasn't really the case, we love her as noone else but simply love the chemistry, the energy, think of DWT Holiday for instance!
  8. I'd love it too, but I don't think it's going to happen
  9. @@Maddy Ritchie The thing is where did you find that info? Nobody ever heard of a Ghosttown writer's demo. It is the only song, together with Queen, that didn't leak, probably recorded after the rest had already been stolen.
  10. It would be very very useful! Also separate edits and alternate versions from remixes, released from unrealeased but yet officially commisioned. I recently found this but I don't know how reliable it is: http://mostly-retro.com/2015/06/07/the-complete-guide-to-madonna-remixes-part-1/ http://mostly-retro.com/2015/10/31/the-complete-guide-to-madonna-remixes-part-2/
  11. POLL RESULTS: 1. Ray of Light (1998) (701 votes) 2. Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005) (589) 3. Erotica (1992) (410) 4. Like a Prayer (1989) (349) 5. True Blue (1986) (196)
  12. Like a virgin Material girl Into the groove Live to tell Papa don't preach La isla bonita Like a prayer Express yourself Vogue Justify my love Take a bow Don't cry for me Argentina Frozen / Ray of light Music Hung up Honestly I wouldn't put 4 Minutes in the list...
  13. AL is in my top three together with Like a prayer and Rebel heart. I like all the songs, although I am not very fond of Hollywood as a single. I really wush the AL video had been included in Celebration, one of her greatest. Provoking, deep, full of meanings. Bedtime stories has some weak songs, especially Don't stop. Some songs I rarely listen to are Rather be your lover, or Sanctuary. Of course there are some masterpieces. Take a bow is great, Bedtime story is very daring. I like the visuals of both, although the BS cover is not totally working, especially with face up. Better the upside down version! The back cover is more beautiful. The Che Guevara and military theme is great and original!
  14. There is already a thread to discuss this and everything about the new album: http://www.madonna-infinity.net/forums/index.php?/topic/14234-m14-thread-new-album-20182019-writing-with-starrah-confirmed/ And also: http://www.madonna-infinity.net/forums/index.php?/topic/14197-my-hopes-for-ms-new-album/