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  1. Although I don't believe in the rumours, I find myself checking my pc every ten minutes hoping that Beautiful Game is released :broken:

  2. August is a strange month... Many people are away for the summer, everything stops at least in southern Europe. I'd really love the single to be out... well NOW, and maybe the album in September! though it would be great for her 60th birthday! Not 19, 21... 60
  3. Last year I went to Central Bus Station for the iconic Desperately Seeking Susan toilet scene but everything has changed. Different dryers unfortunately...
  4. M constant reinvention desire + RH damage control = M14
  5. We have been waiting for such a long time, it is understandable to cling on to something, even the smallest of rumours... In the meantime I read that Nicki Minaj's Queen has been pushed back to August 10, so if the album really features a duet with M we will still have to wait for almost three more months...
  6. Honestly I don't believe Madonna will ever include the lost gems such as Angel or Nothing really matters. She also has a bad memory growing older She'll go for the new album songs and the evergreens as LAP, LAV, Vogue, La isla etc. Still she may decide to rediscover one or two, as she did for True Blue and Who's that girl. I would have loved (and I still do) an Apocalypse theme including Rescue me, Ghosttown and Hold Tight. She needs some nice new concept for the tour. Spanish concept for instance is a little overused.
  7. Into the groove not being released as a single in the US If the Forum existed in the Eighties we would have a thread full of complaints against her management and Warner. "Nothing takes the past away like the future"... maybe
  8. I played BIM in my car with my high school students and they were all singing and dancing! Car went on fire!
  9. No, I was just joking! Nice coincidence that a thread about the new tour was opened a few minutes after she posted that IG Story.
  10. Seymour Stein biography is out soon, let's hope it clears everything! There is so much chaos in the beginning of the story because everyone recalls it differently and there is also some mythology behind this. It's impossible to think they wanted Ain't to big deal as a first single, yet that was the original plan. Is it all worth fighting for? Please don't fight!
  11. Why not include footage from previous Galas or even from the RHT tour?
  12. Anything is possible!!! Madonna reads Infinity forum
  13. I think I Fucked Up and Best Friend are really good songs. RH Standard edition? Come on, it doesn't even include the title track!! Which is really an insult. Honestly I find Beautiful Scars a great track. And I also love Borrowed Time. As we have said many times, they are ruined by the arrangements. The Avicii version of BT is a lot better. I personally include Queen in the RH album, which was removed at the last minute. Also other songs that were not included are great, such as Never let you go. But the tracklist was terrible at the end. Probably because nobody really cares about a trackist but it's all about playlists. I was thinking when we used to have two sides, and so you need two great opening and two great endings. Live to tell at the end of True Blue's side A and then a new beginning with Where's the party. Now that they are one after the other they are different. Or Promise to try and Cherish.
  14. I am really in love with Gambler, I remember the efforts I did in the Eighties to find the recording! I would have loved if M performerd it as a guitar rock song in the RHT setlist, maybe instead of Burning Up. It's pretty evident that the movie features the first demo recordings made in 1983, they are rough versions. According to wikipedia, the song was recorded when Borderline was out and nobody believed that Madonna could sing some adult material, a love ballad. Then the production was changed and by the time the soundtrack was out, the arrangement had changed. When the singles were released, M had become a great star and also Gambler wasn't released in the US because it could block the other LAV singles. I'd really love these two tracks to be included in LAV, and maybe also Warning Signs! But please don't touch True Blue and the First Album!