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  1. Its available on Ebay and discogs but the price is higher than it should be. You may get lucky with the June release
  2. thank you! .. we made a whole weekend of it, tho its tomorrow lol my legs are tired from dancing and waiting in the line up at 5 am for RSD
  3. Was in the lineup at 5 am and well worth the wait. Only 2 of each were in the store and I got greedy.  But hey, tomorrow's my birthday! lol

    I always love having doubles to keep a set sealed. 


    1. devilpray


      They're so pretty :hearteyes:

  4. if you get jdownloader you can download your choice of resolution.
  5. I bought a copy for 300 dollars but I would still love it to be reissued
  6. maybe im slow to the news. i wonder if it will be the colored version same as last year, but now avail for EU
  7. I Know It Pretender Open Your Heart Like a Prayer Vogue Deeper and Deeper Forbidden Love Nothing Really Matters Impressive Instant Nobody Knows Me Sorry Give It To Me Beautiful Killer Borrowed Time
  8. Kylie Minogue

    oh my gosh the CD is slaying me. Low Blow is defo my fav ... yehaaaw stick it up ya grandma
  9. Met Alyssa Edwards last night...she confirmed and announced that her Reality TV show is coming!

    I was awestruck the whole night When she said my name and thanked me for the compliments, you could

    tell just how genuine she is and a people person.  Was not disappointed!

    Ignore my double chin, that was not a good angle lol



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    2. poserdemadonna


      Is she as bubbly as she seems on TV?

    3. scottyj


      Yes and down to earth, she owns the crowd the minute she comes on stage. her improv banter is true Alyssa. IT was awesome as she read out the bingo numbers...we had dragqueen bingo and she hosted a game as well as her performances. i was sitting right at the corner where she was calling out the numbers. so fun

    4. poserdemadonna




  10. Kylie Minogue

    Hey guys does anyone know if the box set deluxe version with the vinyl and CD has a regular vinyl jacket inside? It will really suck if the only way to store the vinyl is in the book itself
  11. german maxi singles from true blue
  12. i want to listen and vote so badly but im fighting the urge so i will when i receive my physical kylie .... but so far i vote Stop Me From Falling
  13. is this a new and current pic???
  14. There's something nostalgic about listening to the Canadian Maxi Cassettes from 85-87 .. memories!


  15. i used to own the second one with gold crown. my old roomates stole it years ago.