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  1. thank you!
  2. I know there are a ton of snippets. lq, mq videos but does someone happen to have a list compiled of what we have that is full length and HQ Trying to sort through everything to make a DVD of backdrop videos any help is appreciated
  3. Trust me Im not a fan, I am just intrigued by disappearances lol
  4. lookin for video performances mostly
  5. She hasn't been seen or heard from in 42 days?
  6. anyone know of a Gaga forum as amazing as this one , with multimedia. PM if you can't announce? thankles
  7. where did you get these Frank?
  8. so glad Milk is gone. a bit of fame went to his head. sad thing is he may end up back in the Ruvenge blah
  9. hi guys does anyone have a concise list of "real" remix videos of our beloved thanks
  10. ok i guess i had it lol
  11. Maybe I have memory of all things imaginary but was there not a video with the actual album version?
  12. Remember how we used to talk about Donna and Niki like we knew them? I suppose alot of that was thanks to The Blond Ambition Tour and TOD but still!
  13. How I would love for the 3 of them to reunite. I do not find the backup singers entertaining at all now-a-days. And don't get me started on how I dislike the "Like A Prayer" backup vocals interpretation - maybe I am biased or maybe its nostalgia, but I would rather hear Niki belt it out. There was so much fun to be seen between Madonna and those girls
  14. "I have a tattoo on my behind too, you think you're going to see it?"