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  1. Actually bi is in more than ever. Millenials are more open than most
  2. I feel like she is from northern Russia in these pics
  3. Someone on discogs is already flipping it for 88 dollars...buggers
  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry for you...will they replace it? The cover and sleeves are justas important as the records in my opinion!
  5. Ships tomorrow yayyyyy
  6. Lol I spend just as much on Mariah as I do Madonna But like you, I collect several artist's things
  7. I know what you mean...I've limited myself to displaying in one room otherwise the house will be covered in Madonna...I used to even burn patchouli lol
  8. I'd be too jealous wanting everything if I had that book so I'll pass After all there is a ton of info on discogs and websites
  9. Like A Prayer album version. I never seem to enjoy the remakes Then every other song is my fav lol
  10. Aretha Franklin - Jump To It
  11. i can't even afford to spend what I spend on her media .. the skincare products are way out of my budget so I pretend it doesn't exist lol I don't think the general population of people buying skin products are really investing much into her line. I mean maybe if the info promoting it was different, like, "this is the product you need after a facelift or botox to keep your skin looking shiny and new, like a virgin!" But the hype around it seems to be promoting a magic trick on aging skin. It is the same as clothing lines. A tshirt without a label is just as good as one with, and a hell of a lot cheaper lol
  12. Vanishing Vision Of Love Underneath The Stars - Drifting Remix When I Saw You All In Your Mind Crybaby Art Of Letting Go Subtle Invitation If We Love Takes Time but really I love just about everything equally lol
  13. it all ends up in the same result lol