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  1. All of her videos are stored on high quality BETA CAM tapes before HD digital era that is stored more on U-matic tapes...if only those sources are ripped and upscaled to HD it will be better than anything we had before... some of her VEVO rips looked cool but not all of them
  2. Her lips and face on that picture... her titts are ok (she censored them, lol) but that face is just...a bad angle
  3. Does Anyone have the original broadcast vhs tape or its copy (not tv rip but copy of the tape they re-broadcast - without logos etc) Some fans had it on VHS back in 2000s they only said audio was low...anyone?
  4. I belive UK version and Spanish one I'm only missing?
  5. So far I've collected Japan, US, French, German and Italian edition of the book, how many are they official and semi-official (I have Sex book magazine that was released in south america instead of the original book) any help with this?
  6. you do? It's not me if you think that
  7. There are two full recordings od Blond Ambition Tour - one is Boston the other East Rutherford, New Jersey show that we have audio from. Also rumor has it there is a Houston show with its original sound not audience recording as on DVD-s...but people who have all this don't want to sell it under 5000 USD each...and they are on this forum as well. not telling who tho
  8. I know it, Pretender, Gambler, Jimmy, most breathless songs...cry baby, bananas etc.. Deserve it, Mother and father (so annoying), I'm so stupid, gimme all your lovin, superstar, b-day song, beautiful scars, autotune baby... I belive that's it
  9. Madonna plays "The Madonna" a person all world recognizes. So it is very hard for her to portray anyone else...cause they will always say it's Madonna...this is not some chick she plays it's Madonna. She played in many bad movies. And the only roles she was good (not great or perfect, but only good) are the ones she was herself (Susan), was a singer (Breathless), was singing (Evita), or had some small role and it worked great (4 rooms, League of their own). Also she was great in Who's that was trashy 80s comedy and she did good job, About Patti - she has right to feel that, she played Evita in original cast and made it famous, however she would be very bad choice for the part because her singing and acting works great in theater not on can watch her performing Evita on's too powerful and cold but yes she is better singer just it's "too much" for any MOVIE adaptation.
  10. Having such a "big" album with over 19 songs in it and to promote it with only 3 music videos is a shame. Leak did lot of damage. Everyone knew "Ghosttown" it was not anything new it was already available officially even 3-4 months before video was out (pre-sale). And her fanbase is "older". Kids are streaming and we "old folks" are downloading it once and then play it offline or we buy a cd or vinyl. Kids don't do that, they stream it every time they want to hear the song. SO imagine just listening Madonna from youtube or spotify not from your cd-s or PC. If you get my point.
  11. It was ok. Just that.
  12. thank you @The_Ghost
  13. I've notices some promo VHS tapes on ebay recently. Are they real? And how to know if it's not just replica? VHS instore promo some with some without artwork just a plain tape with typed content? Some are single videos (erotica, don't tell me, american pie) and some are compilations (1990 compilation, rays of light, ghv2 promo...etc) and some are on U-MATIC tapes and a few are on DV mini cassetes?
  14. All of the concerts were filmed for arena screens, just I'm not sure if they arhived them all, but imagine Madonna going to her arhives to get all the tapes to make a 2016 kind of edit of Blond Ambition from multiple recordings and make a just dreaming :D
  15. I dislike the way they put contrast in Express Yourself and Vogue video (and some others) her face is toooo bright you only see her eyes and lips everything else is details I'm glad Immaculate Collection laserdisc has more genuine picture of these than anything else I've seen