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  1. Dangerous game is region A locked - i have it so i can confirm - Who's That Girl is my most wanted M movie on blu-ray - i even emailed warner archive about it but they never fucking reply ! Guess thats typical shitty warners for you :(( I have the spanish blu-ray for shanghai surprise - the picture quality is ok but i dont think it will get a worldwide release due to the fact its pretty awful :(( probably worse then BOE
  2. if thats true then where did the billboard 2016 instrumental studio track come from then ?
  3. It did chart in the UK but at a very low number - :(( She hasnt had a big hit in the UK for years now which is a shame as she used to chart very high there(I know cause i live there) - sometimes even higher than in the US
  4. singles should have been 1 Masterpiece b/w Falling Free 2 Give Me All Your Luvin 3 Love Spent 4 I'm Addicted 5 Some Girls but what do i know - im just a fan i still think its a good album :))
  5. But surely M or Guy would have had sight of this wretched release before it was pressed on dvd ? Considering how much time she spends over editing her concert films i would have thought her music videos would have wanted to be preserved ? or maybe she fuinds watching them ;painful As for BA surely pioneer rights have long expired now ???
  6. I think everyone in their life suffers from stress or depression - its just how you deal with it i guess - Personally whenever i feel down i listen to music or watch a movie - anything thats kind of an escape. I dont think people these days are scared to talk about it ? i think its much more common I totally get what you are saying though - even though i dont know you personally all i can say is keep your chin up and dont let people get to you ? Im 42 and the older i get the less bothered i care what people think of me - sending you a big hug though The whos that girl movie always cheers me up when im at my lowest
  7. I thought there were 2 edits of this ? the 7" remix and the edit on the ITG cassette which has a different ending ? i Need to check now which ones i have
  8. This is a tough one because she has made some amazing tracks with different producers throughout her 36 year career ? Its like saying what is her best song ? To me its Pat Leonard for the 80's, Shep For the early 90's, Orbit for the rest with a bit of Stuart Price for the later years(He was definitely her best tour music director post 2001) As for Diplo (Yuck) don't like his music - he's very overrated(So is Calvin Harris but fucking hot though ! ) both musically and hes not bad looking - i think he looks a bit like Guy Ritchie ?
  9. It was certainly a magical time to be a fan late 80s and early 90s - i was introduced to her by my brother who gave me his True Blue cassette album back in early 87 and thats when my love affair began with this woman and hasnt stopped since - sure we had better music then and as many fans have said - witness M in her prime - her peak for me is and will always be the summer of 1990 - I live in the UK so from April when Vogue hit number one(4 weeks at the top) right up until she rocked wembley stadium in july(Sadly i couldnt go despite entering a radio 1 contest to win tickets) i listened to it live on radio 1(The day before i saw Dick tracy at the odeon cinema but was a bit underwhelmed by that film -sorry) Dick Tracy was probably the first time the hype didnt live up to what i was expecting - the BA tour though certainly did - back then we had summers that were real summers - you would break up from school in july and it would be hot for the next 6 weeks - like i said that summer will always resonate with me - i remember buying all the magazines, paper cuttings and also MTV was finally available so you could watch the uncensored videos of lap, ey and vogue(Which believe it or not were all cut by the UK networks :(( ) The erotica period was very different - you could tell her popularity was starting to wane especially when the title track didnt hit number 1 anywhere - i was a bit confused by the sex book and didnt think it was necessary - it was a much darker Madonna and i think it just turned a lot of fans(particularly young fans like me ) off - it wasnt until we got the rain video we started to see a lighter M - then came the girlie show(which i got to see opening night at Wembley) my first live madonna experience but i dont remember much about that for some reason ? :((
  10. Whats this about album leaks ??? Someone just said some song titles and supposed lyrics ? hardly anything to be worried about though :))


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    2. mevolution


      No more leaks! the hacker is not selling anything after he was arrested! We we won't see/hear more unreleased audios/videos/ pics

    3. Drum Dub

      Drum Dub

      Maybe this time Estere and Stelle have all the files in their cell phones and are blackmailing their mother in return of jewelry and candies LOL


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      Phew ! Thats a relief :) 

  11. They were good back in 2000 but i think 2018 they wont do well ? The charts have moved on far too much since then(And not in a good way :( ) still if they do great stuff like Black Coffee(Their best Orbit track imo) i'll give them a listen plus im excited to hear what william has been up to :))
  12. Yep - then Dont Tell Me is nominated in 2001 mtv awards ?? Makes no sense to me :(( one day bad girl on blu-ray will be mine :)) plus the b-roll i would die for ! :(
  13. Some albums very hard to choose but here goes Physical attraction,dress you up, open your heart, who's that girl, like a prayer, back in business, rescue me, words, bedtime story, buenos aires, drowned world, i deserve it, nobody knows me, forbidden love, devil wouldnt recognise you, falling free, ghosttown
  14. Ditto - criminally ignored by the 93 Mtv Awards too ! :(
  15. I still think if the song AL didnt exist and she went for something less political as the first single(maybe hollywood or love profusion) and ignored the whole "war" artwork this album would have done better - personally i think the song AL is garbage - it has no artistic merit and is probably one of her worst singles in her whole career but its all coulda would shoulda isnt it - im sure fans on here will shoot me down for saying that about AL but i couldn't give a shit really - its still an interesting chapter in her amazing career :))