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  1. Kylie Minogue

    Kylie looks amazing in the video and honestly it's just so colorful and happy. It really does give off positive vibes. Kylie once again serving the visuals this era. Plus Kylie wasn't kidding when she said SMFF was one of her favorite tracks. We have 3 official versions of the song now lol.
  2. Kylie Minogue

    Which is a shame. I wish they had of shared more with the reissue. If you break it down we got 1 unheard track. Love Takes Over Me and Tears had already been released with the former being a different mix. Honestly IPs bonus disc really annoys me because of the amount of remixes.
  3. Kylie Minogue

  4. Kylie Minogue

    I long for You're the One in HQ both the demo and the anti tour version. Kylie singing it live is everything.
  5. Kylie Minogue

    A little off topic but does anyone know why we've only had about 1 leak from the Impossible Princess era given how every other era has had a decent amount of leaks over the years? It just seems weird like IP is the era they are trying to hide or keep private... Which only makes me wanna hear more considering how much i love everything we've gotten from it.
  6. How is it this still available? Like seriously how easy is it for people to just upload music for sale these days lol
  7. Kylie Minogue

    I just screamed. Seriously the visuals this era are flawless!
  8. Do y'all remember Nicole Scherzinger's music career... cause clearly her management don't. Yeah i'm still salty we never got Just Say Yes in full!

  9. Original Doll has almost become a creepypasta starring Britney tbh, well it and Rebellion. It's always something to read the tales of the lost album that was Britney speaking out against the Illuminati or some bull. Same with Rebellion and playing claiming if it ever leaked something bad would happen to Britney when the truth is she probably doesn't even remember the track lol.
  10. Kylie Minogue

    Oh my God can you please keep me updated for when they happen? I really want to get them lol
  11. Kylie Minogue

    So since Golden has done well with cassette and (I'm assuming) vinyl. Does that hold any help to older albums getting a reissue in both formats? Because i would scream for Impossible Princess to get the treatment. Imagine it having a pink clear cassette and the colorful vinyl discs that could be like the limited edition versions Dannii is using with Neon Nights. They'd be so beautiful.
  12. Kylie Minogue

    Honestly you sum up this era and my love for Kylie in general. There is such a healing in Golden that i really do feel good after each listen. I keep trying to pick "highlights" or "favorite" tracks but i always just stick with listen to the whole album lol.
  13. There you go. A bit of Kylie live love for you all :kissy:

    1. wtg1987


      Thanks for all your posts :)) xx

  14. At least we're getting more singles. I can't believe it's been over 10 years since Club Disco. I've been jamming to Dannii and Kylie a lot again recently and we need more Dannii in our lives tbh.
  15. So are we ever getting a new album by Dannii or was her last three singles just random stand alone releases?