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  1. Oh wow, this is amazing!! It looks sooo much better than the old one! Good job Fighter!
  2. It looks so good!!

  3. Express Yourself
  4. Lovely!!! Here's mine :
  5. That has to be the sluttiest photo in a looong time.... My eyes..... I'm usually all for her posting pics of herself, because most of them are nice, but this one.... not so much....
  6. Very hard to pick between True Blue and Live To Tell!! But I think it will be True Blue for me.
  7. It's so sad she's died. The Cranberries were amazing
  8. What, not Dolores!!!! :cry: I can't believe it!!!!!
  9. Although, I'd kill to see Express Yourself recreated the exact same way as in 1990
  10. I'd love a BA 2 Tour with the ponytail etc... but then I'd probably say "It's not the same as in 1990".... so maybe not such a great idea lol
  11. These outtakes are amazing!!
  12. Happy Birthday!!
  13. If I remember correctly I think it was the True Blue album along with the WTG OST (both in 1987).
  14. That Obama speech to the transgender activist is amazing. I miss Obama. Can you imagine Trump replying like this?! Trump would probably belittle this person.