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  1. That bird is incredibly beautiful!!
  2. Don't Fear The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult)
  3. Not fun... sorry you've lost everything. You should always have a couple of backups. What you could do is take the hard drive to a computer specialist who might be able to save it.
  4. Yayy! We might get lucky!
  5. All those cats, I'm passing out!
  6. Wow thank you so much!!
  7. Dying for HQ videos and pics now! 

  8. Last time she looked this amazing I don't even know!! This is my dream!
  9. This look is absolutely incredible!! One of her best! Would love it as album cover
  10. Yes, I think so too, would be amazing with a new single
  11. Yes it is true and I am so damn happy about these releases omfg!! Getting YCD on red vinyl is a dream! Plus I've always wanted the First Album Japanese pic disc. Could care less that it's a new version!
  12. I love Lana but her version is no way near as good as Madonna's. Madonna's version is a lot more powerful.