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  1. I am so glad they brought Katy Perry to American Idol... she’s a freakin weirdo and just nuts. My kindred spirit:hug:

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    2. Liam


      I'm not even going to bother to comment on the "president" comparison as it's just sheer idiocy.  As for AI, It might have been a joke to you, but the show was not a joke to millions of others.  Futhermore, "Quality" is subjective.  I tuned in because I enjoyed seeing real talented people who would never had a chance otherwise to show off their talent.  I never took it so seriously.  Just fun to watch!


    3. BringUrLUV


      The Voice is better.  

    4. Liam


      I'm sure it's just as great!  But I know many who say that it's "a joke" and has gone on longer than it deserves. I don't watch it. I watched it the first season. Couldn't get into it.  But I don't have anything negative to share about it.  I love music and I love to hear regular people with talent.