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  1. Oh Spanish Lesson... that was a grower for me, but I really like it now!
  2. I think it would work if she did a Vegas sit down, but you’re right, she isn’t that kind of artist. I don’t think I’d like to see her dressed up LAV ratty hair and wedding dress... but I’d warmly welcome any kind of reinvented cone bra. She wears it well and aside from the “mole”, her signature look really is cones.
  3. Kameron’s face was EVERYTHING... she’s like fuck this noise
  4. I mean, I’m not shocked. It was the early 90s. Everybody was bi.
  5. I think it would work if she did a Vegas sit down
  6. Okaaaaayyyy.... tonight was... interesting...
  7. I think we are all in check that Express Yourself is the one? Hear us M? Although I don’t think the pony tail look would be ideal. The hair slicked with the grillz... no ma’am.
  8. She’s definitely trimmed some weight a bit. Not that she was by ANY means big, but to me, you can tell she’s shaping up for another go around the world
  9. Lucky Star?? I think the American Life rap speaks for itself hehehe
  10. As a bonus I’d love to hear that Borderline she did at Jimmy’s. That would be a nice treat.
  11. If she calls it M14, then we in trouble because you know she be a member of this forum...
  12. I mean that’s what I was thinking. However all these bitches against it! Hehehe
  13. We already had “witchy Madonna era” hello FROZEN. Bahaha!
  14. Me personally, and I’ve said this before, I would really love a ballad duet with her son. Sure her kids are young, but they are SO musically inclined, and extremely talented for their age. I wouldn’t be surprised if she shared this part of her life with her fans outside of an Instagram video.