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  1. Some of your clips "skips" is it just me? I appreciate all you do for us Frank
  2. She stayed until the credits rolled at the end, blew a kiss and left. She watched it with Lola and Alek next to her
  3. I think I'm gonna faint in anticipation until Thursday.........
  4. She will do an acoustic version of Purple Rain with a fedora and!
  5. those who are complaining about her make up wants Barbie-Madonna....she's been an edgy artist her entire career. She goes from housewife to slut to homeless to goddess to diva to vamp to vampire to angelic to ethereal with a blink of her eye lash. Her face is a work of art and like art, it wasn't there to please everyone. Tonight is another example of why there will never be another Madonna, everyone else plays by the rules; she made the rules and she continues to defy. LEGEND.
  6. what a show, possibly my favorite show she;s ever done. BRAVO M
  7. If she was out to kill me with the set list..........she SUCCEEDED