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  1. Seemed to me more an ironic comment than an attack? We are here to discuss too, but sometimes we also need a smile and a joke, let's not take things too seriously guys ;)
  2. Congratulations guys!!!!! :)
  3. Are the winning names supposed to be relvealed through this thread?
  4. I wonder how much time is still left for the final verdict ...........
  5. ...and seems that Lady Seller hasn't a good reputation...
  6. Hmmm... so weird the minimum bid is that low...
  7. Why would not share the full instrumental since the music is his full property? I can't stand just clips. I prefer NOTHING.
  8. Could it be those are the contents of the DVD version while the BD (with way more space capability) could have more contents? At least 1/2 more performances? Wasn't the BD supposed to have exclusive stuff?
  9. I so love the broadcast version so far.... if the full show will appear on the physical edition I would certainly not refuse it, but I'm already happy with what I got to see. Perfect audio, perfect colours... some songs may be too frenetic, but the 80% of the rest isn't so... perfectly satisfied here!
  10. What about balance? Being happy with something sometimes? Not always, just sometimes?
  11. The preview of Rebel Heart makes me want it RIGHT NOW :)