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  1. Well, the Stereo MC's video was for sale on i-Tunes the last time I looked for her videos there. I guess it's still for sell there. About the Victor Calderone, at the beginning it has lettering (the same used on the ETV video) so probably they downloaded from somewhere instead of using the original file. You only have to see videos like the "Bad Girl" from SNL in the "Erotica" play list and see the quality... They don't look for original sources, they upload what they find searching on google :(
  2. I think the last "BIG VIDEO" Madonna's made is "American life". After that, I don't think are bad videos at all but are good for the songs but I don't considere them artistic. Anyway, my favorite from the 00's is not "American life" so if I had to choose one I guess it would be "Don't tell me". I miss that kind of videos full of coreography like "Vogue", "Human nature", "Don't tell me"... I think that's why I like the "Girl Gone WIld" video or the end of "4 Minutes" when she dance with Justin... Because she knows how to move. When I see her against a wall going up and down it's like "Ok, it's funny but is the same move all the time and anybody could do it..." (Maybe not as good as her but I miss the coreographies very, very much!
  3. I'd love to she them together again but, as Enrico says, I don't think it's going to happen. Anyway, I have to say that I'd love to see them again but just if they are part of the show, the way she used to be. To have them behind the musicians I don't care much who the singers are. And sometimes I think that the chorus are recorded and the chorus girls are making playback most of the time. And as scottyj said "Like a prayer" is not the same sang by others. Yeah, they have good voices but, when it comes the part sang by Niki is like... "Well, it's not bad, but it's not good enough"
  4. I would be interested on the stories behind the music, the tours, the videoclips... All the process, decisions, inspirations... When people talk about a autobiography I always think "I'd prefer a book where she talked about her albums song by song and saying funny (or terrible things) that happened when she was working on them. I guess I would ask her too "What was the best and worst surprise you've got in your carreer???" I mean, when she made "Like a prayer" video or "Sex" book she knew that it was a risk and that people would be "crazy" about that but what I'd love to know is which scandal was a surprise to her with her work and which one wasn't when it was intended to be, I don't know if I explain myself. I'd like to know if she remember all her singles when she makes a tour or songs like "Gambler", "I'll remember" and "This used to be my playground" are ignored from the start. Or "Do you remember you had a song called "Gambler" (for example) or am I reminded you that now?" And finally... CAN YOU TELL ME THE COMPLETE LYRICS OF "QUEEN'S ENGLISH"??? Hahahahaha... It's been more that 20 years. I've asked Jose and Luis on instagram, facebook, e-mailing to their official sides and never got an answer. I remember I wrote to Junior Vasquez too years ago to the "contact" of his site and at least, he answered me that he didn't know the lyrics
  5. I can understand the idea of people who says "Madonna made her art like she wanted it to be, so she don't have to add demos that were not good enough for the album". But, on the other hand, I think that they can make a special edition respecting the original work. A Spanish band called Fangoria, always re-realise their albums after the promotion including a DVD with the videos and sometimes a promo concert of the album. For me a good 20th anniversary edition would be: CD: The Original album ("Has to be" included as a bonus track) DVD: All the videos (included the remixed videos too), live performances and if the Roxy show was recorded it would be perfect. BOOK: Song lyrics, pictures, coments of Madonna and producers about the songs... All of it with the same cover that was used for the limited edition would be great for fans and her art would be the same as she wanted to sell in 1998.
  6. Mine would be: 01. Everybody 02. Over and over 03. Gambler 04. Where's the party? 05. Can't stop 06. Express yourself 07. Vogue 08. Rescue me 09. Deeper and deeper 10. Human nature 11. Nothing really matters 12. Impressive instant 13. Die another day 14. How high 15. Beat Goes On 16. I'm Addicted 18. Iconic I know some of them were not hits (or singles), but I made the list thinking in the songs that make me wanna dance
  7. My answer to this question is YES!!!!! I know it won't be easy, but hey, I'm a Madonna fan and what I learnt is that, from Madonna you can expect the unexpected... When she released "Madonna" she was a disco singer with a hit song, "Like a virgin" was well, lucky girl with some hits but she won't last, "Erotica" was "She's over. She needs to get naked to sell records? This is the end for her"... All the time Madonna had lots of people against her and she always surprised us. Of course, her age for lot of people is not her best thing to sell records and things like that but I'm sure that she'll break another record and we'll read in the news something like "Wow!!!! At her age she still can get a number 1 hit!" as a surprise. But me, as a fan, will think "Hey, it's Madonna... With her everything is possible".
  8. I like her videos because she finds things that we see as "normal" things just because we know the songs, the albums, the videos and sometimes we forget about them. My boyfriend plays in a rock band and I love to listen Madonna albums with him because, first of all, he respects every artist. He likes an artist or not but just for making music (or painting, or doing everything you can imagine) the artist deserves respect. The second reason that I love listen to Madonna with him is because he knows a lot of music and he tells me things about the instrumentation, the voice and some production details that I didn't even know that existed. He always says me about Madonna that how she sings, the songs and everything in her albums are full of quality. He just knew Madonna for the songs played on the radio and never thought that the "hidden songs" were so great. He never listened to a Madonna album complete. For example, with "Like a virgin" he knew "Material girl", "Like a virgin", "Into the groove" and "Dress you up" (he thought that "Crazy for you" was a single from this album too) but when he listened to songs like "Over and over" or "Love don't live here anymore" he was like "What the fuck!!! The rest of the album is as good as the singles". He even loved songs like "Shoo-bee-doo". For him the song has more quality than most of the people thinks. He says "Just with the tittle you think "it's a silly song" but has a great production..." and things that I don't understand. Now that we are on the "Like a virgin" era I would love to ask you something... what the hell means "scoop, scoop, scoop, scoodooly be bop"????
  9. Does anyone know if the simbols on the "Erotica set picture" have some meaning??? I mean the "Heart" x "Cup of coffee" = "Ray" thing..
  10. Congratulations!!!!!!!!
  11. I'm sure she know she doesn't look great on it and decided to post it, so that's ok. Once again she makes what she wants to make. Remember on one of the "Ray of light" specials where a man told he had nude pictures of her naked and wanted to sell them to her and she answered "Well, I can have nude pictures of me for free" (or something like that). Here's the same. We've seen outtakes where she doesn't look good, she's just giving it to us for free too :P
  12. I have books from the 80's and the 90's and when they talk about "Everybody" released date always says October. Even on they had a section with the singles info and "Everybody" had October as the released date. I've been looking for info and seems that in 2007 Liz Rosemberg said something about that it was released on April 24th. She said that the song "was heard on radio stations throughout the summer of 1982". Seems that the promo vinyls were send to radio stations and club on April but that it was commercially released on October. Maybe that's rare now, but I remember that on the 80's you could hear songs 1 or 2 months on radio stations before they were released as singles. Madonna wasn't known then, so I guess they wanted people to know the song before it was released. So for me April 24th was the released date of the promo vinyls and Octuber 6th the date of the commercially release.
  13. For me this would be a perfect set-list for a "Tears of a clown" show...
  14. Oh, my God!!!! A movie and a record!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure she'll take Otto Von Wernherr as the producer, I'll kill myself!!!!! Come on, guys, she said Portugal is inspiring her and that's all. I'm sure she can make a good album and a movie at the same time. Madonna has made great albums in a couple of months. Maybe the inspiration she get is to write the lyrics and things like that but on the studio she won't need much time... I always thought that the "problem" with "MDNA" and "Rebel heart" was that she worked on them for a very long time. In fact I don't think the problem was that she didn't had time for the record because of the movie, I think the problem was that they had time to changes things over and over and over again... I don't know how to explain it. What I'm trying to say is that when you hear people that worked with her always say "It was very fast", "We use the first take" and things like that. With "MDNA" and "Rebel heart" seems it was just the opposite. It was like "We recorded thousands of versions". I think if Madonna goes to the studio and says "I want this and I want it now" she'll have a great album (with or without movie). Anyway, I'm sure next album will be great. And if it doesn't have a big success I don't care as long as it's a good album (like for example "Rebel heart").
  15. Sometimes I think that same thing you're talking about rebelheartbreak but, on the other hand, you see people sharing things in much better quality than the one we get from Warner. For example, in this forum we could download those HDX videos and, at least for me, look so much better than the ones released on "Celebration". How can people have those files and not Warner? "Celebration" (album and DVD) were supposed to be transfers from the original tapes and the quality is just horrible. So, do they lost the original tapes or just don't want to look for them? I know some say that the HDX videos shared were not really HD and things like that but the real thing is that they look much, much better than the files they released or the ones they are uploading.