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  1. yes to all of the above, but also fighting sports are a good metaphor for bdsm, where you can be brutal and hurt each other but in a safe enviroment where there's rules etc. I was always mesmerised by the boxers but maybe just because at the time I crushed on Luca ;-)
  2. rescue me rescue me rescue me rescue me rescue me, oh and angel
  3. What I don't understand is that she didn't stop the sale of the virgin corset, but more so the Jean Paul Gaultier portfolio! those are original sketches that should be archived or published or whatever. I was lucky enough to see the original sketches of LAV, EY etc. at an exhibition and these are gorgeous works of art. I don't get why M thinks, nah, you can sell those but I want my bachelorette pics back
  4. You know what, I think I'm over it. Over a year ago I was dying to see the broadcast version of this tour, hoping it would captivate what was in my opinion one of her most heartfelt and joyous concerts. To me the showtime version does not bring back that feeling at all. So wether they add the LDLHA bit, reinstall Lucky Star where it needs to be, exclude the unfitting cut to Detroit, realise why Edith Head wore shades all of the time (in b/w black on black on black doesn't translate into 50 shades of grey, just black) or see that the gimmick of showing aaaaaaalll unapologetic bitches is just that, a gimmick, and one that already tires you the first time you're watching it, it still isn't going to bring to life the experience that was RHT. I loved this tour, having seen almost every tour since the BA, this is one of my favorites and I'll cherish the memory of it, not so much the broadcast. neXt
  5. luckely the releases are clear on this subject, I've neen in agony over spanish eyes vs pray for spanish eyes for years! ;-)
  6. Sorry but to me this screams big budget, considering time and labour are always the most costly factors; first of all it's a multiple day shoot (according to the making of adding up to 7 days because of re-shoots) with a huge crew. Most M video's are done in 1 or 2 days. Second, all the sets are real (and big!) and are only digitally enhanced/expanded, greenscreens are used for a reason and it's called budget restriction ;-) Building sets is incredibly costly, that's basicly the only reason why EY was so expensive. Not that it's really gonna put a dent in the budget but the recreating of all the props probably had the same budget as any video done in the early 80's. Then there are the special effects, even though they aren't as apparent as in let's say Scream, there's special effects in almost every scene: all the smoke, the hebrew lettering, M's inflicting wounds, the breaking glass (combo of sugar glass and CGI) etc. the most clear SE is the reflection of the dual in the broken mirror, it's incredibly well done and is featured for about a second lol. So, yeah I'd say this is one of the most expensive looking video's there are, is it any good? meh, it's ok ;-)
  7. I do miss both DYU and WTG, but I can see how all the other songs are superiour, so no swap is needed. Apart from the unfortunate inclusions of the remixes of LAP and EY (the single edits are way way better) there is ONE HUGE FLAW with the IC that I still can't get over (almost 30 years later lol) and that is the horrible remix of ITG, sure the intro is dramatic and fierce, the mix is ok, but Shape ommitted the middle 8 not once but twice! the song lasts longer than it's original version so there really is no reason why it's not there other than that they really loved this super bland piano solo instead of "live out your fantasy here with me..." it is what makes the song great! Same thing is done to Borderline and Lucky star, though with less dramatic outcome, but they both miss their defining adlips near the end, again they are there in the original single edits, so they're not cut because of time constraints, and therefor unforgivable haha!
  8. Don't stop anybody? I mean "sing ladedadee" c'mon keep moving keep grooving
  9. i don't know why but I want to read this script, ty
  10. Sure, the whole dialogue can be included on dvd n. 2 ;-) there's plenty of room for an extended detroit segment, just not it in the middle of the show <3
  11. back to dvd speculation, I'm down for a tripple disc deluxe edition, dvd 1: full show, full speeches, no detroit insert ;-) dvd 2: extra's, excerpts from toac, backstage footage, Paris performance, I was gonna say backdrops but I don't want to jinx anything ;-) disc 3: compilation live rehearsal album, taking recordings from rehearsals and soundchecks including songs from toac and selected songs from the "request" section like WTG and DW, of course this needs to include both if I had a hammer and between the bars
  12. I think LFL, song, video and live performance at grammy's, to me it's pure Madonna, though it had been a while, think the last time before that was probably opening of Confessions tour
  13. I should actually listen to IC again, at the time it was my first cd (having al the previous albums on vinyl) and only listened to that when I wanted to hear M, then years later I rediscovered all the original version, they are way superior IMO. But in comment to all the "different versions" I love most of the radio edits from the 80's as well, at first glance they just seem to be shorter, but most of them have been mixed with louder drums etc. Now my ears don't hear the difference per se, but as a child I kept listening to all the versions back to back driving my family crazy 'cos they didn't regard to yet another version of la isla bonita as a different song like I did ;-)
  14. I actually like some of the instrumentation on the her-story vid, it's all done by the same guy, David Chalmin. I would be curious if she'd work with him and include both the classical influences and crisp electronics used in the video. In any case I'd like her music to be a bit more conceptual, like american life was acoustic guitars with beats, I'd like it if she'd use piano, cello and accordion in combination with dark electronics, and find variations on that theme, ranging from very classical to very cutting edge. Also I would love for her to work with Johan Johansson for arrangements, I gues I'm just kind of ready for an album of more longlasting music aka LAP ROL and yes, AL oh, and no to trapp ;-)