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  1. Although I think it's really cool that they are very musically inclined, and I love. BUT, I really hope she does not do this. As much as I loved Lola singing on Superstar or Rocco dancing on tour, I'd rather have a Madonna product and nothing more. I would rather she waited until they are all adults, if they wanted to explore this.
  2. Adorable! I was the same but a mix between Samantha Fox and Madonna. I'll never forget the day I discovered my first Specially Priced Maxi-Single at Sam the Record Man.
  3. I love everything about this. Sounds so sexy and is too!
  4. I hope she does. It would make a very tight record. It might also have one or two tracks done with someone else--hopefully Sufjan Stevens or Dave Stewart or Leslie Feist or Simian Mobile Disco. I have a dream ... Actually, I had a dream the other day that she recorded wth Stock Aitken Waterman.
  5. I have a feeling with Mirwais that the charts are not even on her radar. I say that thinking of American Life album and with the Mirwais tracks on Music or Future Lovers--if this is the direction, I bet the album will be rather experimental pop and more focused on poetry layered on electro/indie landscapes in sounds. Also, If she continues with guitar strumming acoustics and Lisbon folk inspirations, this record might be very mature and not radio friendly. That is what I wish for ... Intervention, Easy Ride, Don't Tell Me, Paradise, Nobody's Perfect (and hints of Falling Free, Mer Girl, Rebel Heart). I have a feeling that the album might take her song writing and delivery in a Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Feist, Sufjan Stevens, Tracey Thorn, Eurythmics type of direction. Sometimes I find the concept of "new eras" overly hyped with this anticipation that pop wannabes have to put on a new hat or develop some character a la Gaga to express something new or daring. I have a feeling we're going to see a rather bare, gritty and carefree Madonna. You can already see that on her Instagram with her children. She's maturing into a modern day hippy. I had that feeling watching the Dangerous Game short clips too. She's baring her soul and this album might not be the contemporary pop us children seem to think is needed in this "new streaming era."
  6. I highly doubt she'd do any, but only one comes to mind ... A re-do of Blond Ambition's iconic Like A Virgin. That would be epic. Also maybe, BA's Into the Groove "hey you don't be silly, put a condom on your willy" segment would be a great reminder to revamp.
  7. Those greatest albums are the Warner years. It might be a different handling with Interscope? IDK
  8. Rebel Heart reminds me of the work of art by Marcel Duchamp, The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, 1923. The work, made out of glass, was broken while it was being transported for exhibition. Duchamp spent some time trying to fix it, but then declared that the shattered glass made the work complete and it has been exhibited that way ever since.
  9. Really loved reading this. Thank you for that reminder and for writing this. I agree 100%.
  10. It was a wet dream come through mama okrrr bam a multi-plater of sounds and self referential songs. They did the best they could considering the leaks. I loved everything about it with all those amazing covers and versions. Even with the Rebel Heart tour ... it featured a special show within a tour: Tears of a Clown with a rarely sung live songs list. I think with time it will be regarded as an inside expo of the artist's process ... Hopefully when the album hits the 10th anniversary mark or more that she considers to release a version of the album as it was meant to be, and use fully remastered versions of some of those gorgeous raw demos. I wonder if the demos that were not part of the final album will make their way (in some form) to another project, possibly rewritten or reworked. Stevie Nicks did that all the time with her solo albums. It might be why RH only got limited single releases.
  11. The dancing in Papa Don't Preach is iconic, all the girls at school would try to recreate it. Oh and that nip slip ... play pause rewind LOL
  12. I agree ... but DJs still play her mixes at the club. Maybe its her remixer selection that is poorly advised? I loved the Calderone/Rauhofer days. Is the club dancing a thing past? Do people still go out to the club to dance and mingle? I'm confused. What is going on to our villages? (yeah yeah blah blah social media yawn boring -- I want to flirt in person while Madonna is blasting in the background) I guess a B-side today could be a single pack that you get when you download a single. I don't know why they don't do it. When we buy a single release ... here is a single exclusive you get for free for buying the single "song". It would increase single sales, no? I would be more willing to buy a single if it included a bonus track or an edit single version of the release. Just an idea. I think it would be fabulous. This notion of streamers and how the industry keeps focus on that is not the future. It is a lazy ass lame fairytale excuse for braindead wannabes ... too much? Facts are facts ... omg I'm watching too much drag race. Music should be something you physically purchase and hold in your hands, collect and admire the album art and sing along with the sleeve lyrics. I want to smell it.
  13. Just a concept idea ... but would it be fabulous if Madonna sold exclusive promo cd/vinyl/cassettes while on tour. Us as fans/concert goers could buy at the concert venues (sold only at the concerts). It could be tour versions, mastered demos or remixes and bonus tracks of that tour or of the album being toured. Kind of how Roxette did with the Tourism album or something like She's Breathless or It's That Girl cassettes. Especially with Rebel Heart she had so much music choose from, fans would have eaten it up. I know a lot of us would line up to buy those exclusives and it makes a new way of releasing/selling a promo album. Considering there are less physical music stores left to actually buy albums now ...
  14. I would have loved more singles from RH. Hold Tight (Demo 5) could have been a great single/radio mix to release. I thought Rebel Heart the song should have been released as the second single followed by Ghosttown, then Joan of Arc (acoustic version should have been the album version and then release the upbeat as the single mix as it seems radio friendly) or Inside Out would have been a great follow up to Ghosttown. It would have been nice to see how a KWest produced single would have been received. There was also a demo version of Devil Pray with guitar intro riff that should have been a single mix--I'm really surprised that song was not a single or a club single. I'm surprised none of the songs got the club remix treatment exclusive for dance. Illuminati would have been a superb choice as a club promo. The Avicii demos for Wash All Over Me could have been great club bangers. Iconic, HBC, RH, Veni Vidi Vici, Body Shop, Holy Water should all have been remix by awesome DJs for the clubs. But as a fan we were so spoiled with RH. So many songs (and versions) to fall in love with. I would die if all the demos got properly mastered and released in the future (all of them are so good). Another demo I loved was Addicted with the California Dreaming melody is so epic. Actually she could use a lot of these RH tracks as B-side to future singles.
  15. The Ghosttown video was fab but was the album's second video. Living for Love was a simple visual statement to make for RH's launch--but ok considering that album was already making headlines due to its heavy leaking. Bitch I'm Madonna was fun, but gimmicky with guest appearances. Who cares about Taylor Swift. Nobody needed that lame moment of fake guitar strumming. Who cares if the new album is a hit or miss. I don't give a ... I'm just ecstatic she's working on new music for her fans. I really wish, with this project/new album, she thinks of longtime fans and her gays and her passion for dance and be pushy with music again. It does not have to be a hit for the masses. BUT she could pull it off, and I believe she is still very capable. I think with Mirwais ... this is exactly what she's up to. Also I loved that she featured Terrence Howard. It was refreshing to see her collab with a mature/sexy older actor instead of overly hyped pop tarts. Frankly, I wish she'd present a project without her having to extend her spotlight.