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  1. No one cares.
  2. It could be any project she has in mind at the moment, not necessarily a tour.
  3. I just found Beautiful Stranger's Calderon Mix and WIFLFAG Above & Beyond Mix on Spotify!

  4. I remember downloading a longer version of Has to Be back in the day but it didn't have any extra lyrics.
  5. Wembley Stadium where she swore like a pirate
  6. I agree with all your complains. However, it's good to see they are, at least, updating the channel. I was checking the playlists they created for both Erotica and Ray of Light eras, and noticed they haven't added the Nothing Really Matters Remix Video which was uploaded when Peter Rauhofer passed away in 2013. I hope they continue linking all Madonna videos uploaded by official channels such as Warner and Vevo.
  7. Would have Joan of Arc worked as a single?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Dazedmadonna


      Don't think so but I love the track

    3. Inco


      The acoustic version is so touching and adult oriented, fantastic.

    4. Andymad


      The version she used for the Ellen show, absolutely. Beautiful

  8. That decade probably saw a decrease in the creativity and quality of music videos. The songs were great, yes!, but the videos didn't do that much for the songs except for Music, Don't Tell Me, and Hung Up. No doubt why Gaga gained all the attention between 2009-2011, the lowest point in Madonna's overall career ever (yes, she was touring but that doesn't excuse the crappy Celebration video). On a positive note, I appreciate Madonna's kind of recovering on this area. Give Me All Your Luvin' and Bitch I'm Madonna, whether you hate them or not, are fun.
  9. If I'm not mistaken, Madonna faced some difficulties selling out the venues in Italy and Germany.
  10. Some lovely Kylie tunes
  11. I actually prefer this new dark layout
  12. Thank you Fighter for all your hard work