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  1. #103
  2. Remember when Madonna deliberately ignored her classics during the DWT? She received criticism from both the media and fans, some even believed it was 'her last BIG tour because of her age' lmao Then a flop movie came and later American Life was released and did nothing but hurt (radio boycott, leaks, her website was hacked, video self-banning, plagiarism lawsuits, etc.) especially after the tremendous success of the Music era (Grammy and MTVs noms). Many of us didn't love American Life at the beginning but it certainly proved to be a grower. It does contain lovely and mature stuff, should have done better in the charts. Weren't the MTV kiss and the guest stars part of Madonna's agenda to remain relevant? Britney was rocking the world with Toxic and Christina still enjoyed some success from her Stripped era. It made sense to me at the time... The 2004 Re-invention Tour was a lifeboat commercially speaking but it only visited the same old places (except for Ireland) and the Confessions era was a major sucess mainly because of the ABBA sample and her gorgeous 70's look that are still remembered. Despite being totally gorgeous the following singles Get Together and Jump flopped. Madonna ignored her American Like stuff until she started to consider some songs as interludes in both the Sticky & Sweet and MDNA tours. Suspicious? Maybe she felt the world needed to forget her political flop for some time, I don't know. What I appreciate is that she dared to play album tracks during the Tears of a Clown gigs. That was awesome and led me to believe it was the music she wanted to make at the time. Actually, I think American Life was the last time she really put her heart into the writing compared to Confessions which sounded totally muffled and redundant. Rolling Stone would say the former was made for our heads and the latter for our feet. I don't think there's anything else to explain. Everyone knows what happened after Hard Candy and her departure from Warner.
  3. I don't think the song is that great either, but seriously, did anybody believe Madonna was being 100% serious when she chose it as her last single? It was made only for the sake of fun.
  4. What happened to the bitch Olga??
  5. Fanatics are weird. Me included.
  6. SHAME
  7. Seriously? Can't I have an opinion? Madonna's a workaholic, we get it. She rehearses the shit out her shows, we get it. The 30 seconds are available in medium to high quality already... The song does sound unfinished as it barely contains any memorable hook... Minimalism, ok, we get it. First single material, I don't think so. I don't want to overreact to these things, but I think most of us have had enough of half-assed first singles these past 10 years.
  8. Precious by Depeche Mode
  9. "Beautiful Game" certainly sounds not finished, just like some of the Rebel Heart demos.
  10. Don't give her ideas, please
  11. What songs do you think she might be preparing for this occasion? Like a Virgin Angel Papa Don't Preach Like a Prayer Oh Father Pray for Spanish Eyes The Beast Within Sky Fits Heaven Paradise (Not for Me) Nothing Fails (religious themes all over it) Isaac Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Voices Girl Gone Wild I'm a Sinner Devil Pray Holy Water Heaven (demo but still great)
  12. We sure are the pickiest fan base ever.
  13. I can't wait to listen to the album tracks because Acceleration totally sucks.