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  1. i have this one with trailer included
  2. strange that your edition don't have the trailer
  3. Yes I have watch the dvd, but i believe there are 2 different versions a black cover front and a white cover front? which one do you have? I have the white one....
  4. My French DVD do have the trailer :-)
  5. What is the font of the tittles? thanks for helping
  6. Re-invention tour Vogue & Nobody Knows were NOT live, they were pre-recorded vocals, Frozen was pure live!
  7. Guys what we need these days are the just straight from the side screen footage, just like the Re-invention Tour Lisbon. pure live, no editing at all. I wish we had those for S&S, MDNA, and RH Tours.
  8. Region A or B ???
  9. it is much better to give info about Region A or B Blu Ray's , so we know what our players could play yes or no please can anyone give the info about each blu ray please.... Vision Quest Blu Ray Release: May 16th 2017 Region: A and B What about the blu ray movie Dangerous Game is it also plays on Region B ??
  10. it's the exact same thing, no difference
  11. @@MadgeSlave i have no idea
  12. I love Hard Candy album! all the tracks on the album from the start! except Incredible & Spanish Lesson those 2 grows on me and now I love them too. the art work of the album is horrible though. my fav tracks are: 1. Devil wouldn't recognize you 2. Heartbeat 3. She's Not me 4. Incredible 5. Miles Away 6. Candy Shop this cover is much better imo
  13. 1. Desperately Seeking Susan 2. Shanghai Surprise 3. The Next Best Thing
  14. i love those 2 films too
  15. i would love to have it in HD