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  1. Well most of you buy the same record over and over again in different formats and regions yet complain about the price of MDNA Skin? I was the first to use it here in Japan 4 years ago. They last a LONG time and are absolutely value for money. You buy the chrome remover once, Chrome Clay is not something you do daily, you just need a tiny amount of serum every day, lasts a long time. I run out of Rose Mist the most. Eye Serum lasts forever, as does the face wash. The crappy merchandise in her official store are overpriced if you ask me. I ain't rich either, don't drink or smoke so I guess I can afford it. Really want to try it, make a sacrifice and earn it.
  2. Her only bad song is "Can't Stop". The end.
  3. "Why did you censor yourself in Singapore with Rebel Heart? How much did you get? And how much of a rebel did you feel after that?"
  4. Being the only white face in a sea of Japanese faces it was easy to see me. I was right up front, right side of the catwalk. While he played his Spanish guitar solo before Take A Bow I was the only one watching him. Everyone else turned to M. I'm a huge fan of his, met him many times throughout the years. Perhaps he remembered, he just called me over to the catwalk on his way back up the stairs and just gave me the pick. Love him.
  5. Everytime I post this pic on Instagram it gets removed...Zuckerberg hates pussy
  6. No, she wanted a moment with the audience. She realized it would be more intimate. Her and her fans. You see the smile on his face when she tells him stop. His background and day job is heavy metal, maybe he can't contain himself on such a tightly controlled show. Love Monte, great person, breathed new life into Madonna. Don't care what people say. I'm biased, he gave me the guitar pick he used on Take a Bow in TÅkyÅ on Valentines Day...
  7. We agree on many things actually. He's one of the more thoughtful commenters here. Don't like silly gifs though.
  8. He's a contrarian. His job is to go against everyone and say the opposite thing to gain the superior moral high ground.
  9. Tracy Anderson had an affair with the man who was stealing money from Raising Malawi / Spirituality for Kids. Anderson got fired but Gwyneth continued to be her friend, as does Monica Berg (wife of Michael Berg who runs the Centre) who still trains with her. Berg was also accused of filtering money through Raising Malawi and the Kabbalah Centre were removed from the charity. Anderson also complained she had no life, she would miss her sons school recitals due to being on M's clock. I can't imagine one has a life if you were for Madonna.
  10. The difference for me is that she didn't have so many kids or skin care lines or directing movies or building hospitals taking up her time... She may have rushed Like A Prayer but it was nothing but focus on music. She also had the confidence to work by herself, not with a team of the latest hitmakers. She's like a fine wine, one day Hard Candy and MDNA will be appreciated with time. Anyway, round and round in circles. Hope she blows me and everyone else out of the water and makes us eat our words. Just can't afford another tour credit can't take it. I'm sure I'm not alone.
  11. I would like her to do whatever she wants...with that original Madonna twist that made us all love her in the first place. If she took her time, she could have done something interesting with Hard Candy and MDNA, instead she rushed it and had guests on her record to fill in for her while she promoted teenage fashion contests. Take a look at the songs from those albums that she reworks for her live shows. She breathes new life into them and gives them their full potential. People hate Candy Shop, but the live versions are infinitely more interesting than the album version. I don't want her sounding like everyone else is all, I want only her voice.
  12. LOL, exactly what I needed to see. She is unbelievably stubborn, that massive Leo ego refuses to accept some criticism and positive feedback. Beyond tired of rap / hiphop etc/ It's done, it's dead, let it move on and evolve or die like disco. My Madonna is the one that tested the waters before everyone else and moved on to the next thing while everyone jumped in. Hopefully she is smart enough to learn from her last couple of records then again with Oseary in the wings I doubt it.
  13. Don't need to hear MORE r&b nonsense. It's tired and stale and boring. Where is the cutting edge? No more appealing to teenagers.
  14. I can see rumblings with younger fans who are coming around to her after leaving the haze that was Gaga. As they get older they realize where music references have come from and are curious. They love a retro 80s beat and "funny looking" 80s / 90s videos. Look at all the reactions videos from late teens early 20s kids are doing about Madonna and the views they get. I have confidence she will win them over and treat them to something.
  15. Not at all. I'm for all topics, no matter how dumb, shallow and superficial. A discussion thread usually needs two opposing sides to an issue in order to find a more harmonious third balanced point. (-)Yes she has been out of tune. Ha ha ha, isn't it funny. Tearing apart and laughing at someone makes us feel better. (+)So what, she never cared about being a "real singer." And it's not that bad actually. (=) Don't let limitations stop you, if you can't sing-sing loud and proud! Go from nobody to somebody and never listen to people who tear you down. If you can't design, so what-your idol will pick your bad art anyway and make it the cover of their terrible single.