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  1. Lana's version is superb in every way.
  2. I separate the songs from the vids. I liked th songs, not the vids
  3. Liam you behave like child. You won't have the last word. That's why I keep posting lol Do you REALLY know the reason why you're bitching me? What's the matter with you? What did I say to you that offended you so much? People who attack for no reason either are intimidated, scared or envious, or so shrinks say. You should see one. Because I never said anything insulting to you. You were trying all the time to get my attention, flattering me etc, and suddenly you turned into a horrid human being. Didn't I pay you enough attention? Is taht the problem? LOL Please, focus and tell me when I was insulting to you. If my disliking feminists drives you this crazy, oh mate, you need help. Or are you a woman? Please, elaborate
  4. I told you. I'm I'm referred to, I'll respond. Once I think it's over here comes Liam again, I wasn't talking bout u. Fighter my sex life goes very well thank you LOL. I can fuck and post at the same time LOL LOL
  5. LOL I wasn't talking to you in the end. You just got in the middle of my conversations with other members to get attention. Or so it seemed. It's you who keep referring to me all the time. Maybe some sexual tension there? ooops. Deal with it. LOL Really I don't have the strenght today to carry on. Can we make amends?
  6. Liam will you calm down? LOL
  7. OK. You know everything about me. I don't care what you think.
  8. But who said I don't treat people equally? What are you taliking about? The fact that I don't like feminists doesn't mean I don't treat people equally. You are twisting my words. Once again.
  9. How narrow-minded is that? In case you wanna know I'm terribly ill in bed and have been for some days. I spend more time with my phone/PC than usual
  10. If I'm attacked, I respond. If exposing my ideas offends other members, I'm sorry. That's not my intention. Man if you wanna talk seriously this is not the place. And I have a PhD is sociology and a PhD i philosophy so I think I can back up my "incoherencies" in 5 languages as well.
  11. I don't see what offends you. Maybe you're all offended because I'm straight. Be honest. Maybe most members are gay and relate to women in a way I don't. Who knows, maybe you're a woman. And please stop lecturing me because I won't change my mind. Period.
  12. I support patriarchy and always will.
  13. Cheesy and corny, yeah lol
  14. I want no equals. Men and women are no equals and never will be. Each have different capacities. I want to complement and be complemented.
  15. Exactly. You said it.