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  1. is real or made with steams?
  2. i know, but it's time for a new release, how many re issues have the immaculate collection? so i think it's necesary the celebration re issue just for the people, including me, that can't afoard the insane prices for the only existing copies on ebay!
  3. Ineed Celebration 4 lps!
  4. I don't have it, and right now people are selling copies with insane prices!
  5. we need Celebration vinyl Released!
  6. maybe just a Thanks button, and not a lot of categories and sub categories, because it's a pain in the .... to try to see all the newest posts.
  7. Thank youuuu so Much!!! 44 years old!!!! omg!
  8. Thank you
  9. But watching all the b-roll leaked does it means that all they filmed was colored before? including the kiss scene with the male model?
  10. Congrats!! :heart:
  11. Finally someone who thinks like me!, i like Madonna No her childs!