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  1. maybe just a Thanks button, and not a lot of categories and sub categories, because it's a pain in the .... to try to see all the newest posts.
  2. Thank youuuu so Much!!! 44 years old!!!! omg!
  3. Thank you
  4. But watching all the b-roll leaked does it means that all they filmed was colored before? including the kiss scene with the male model?
  5. Congrats!! :heart:
  6. Finally someone who thinks like me!, i like Madonna No her childs!
  7. blondebombshell IT'S A VIDEO!!!!
  8. Hi Everybody! i want to show you my new baby (Made by ME) DEAR JESSIE Limited POP UP Edition!
  9. January 15th
  10. I just hope the poster that i did be used for the dvd cover!
  11. Yo estoy como la pantoja con esa foto! se me enamora el alma!
  12. Maybe using some Photoshop or corel template and placing the cover design on it, then print it!
  13. Thank you