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  1. It's lossless
  2. Barcelona wasn't shot on film so that's not happening. I'm guessing if they're gonna release anything it's gonna be the Paris shows from TOD since those were shot all fancy on film.
  3. The whole outfit is basically that top but with the black jacket over it that you see her wearing in the Express Yourself clip from Truth Or Dare. So that's what she wore for Express Yourself. Then she either kept the jacket on for Open Your Heart or she took it off. Then for Causing A Commotion she took off the big black jacket (if she was still wearing it at this point) and put on the normal Causing A Commotion jacket. Then for Where's The Party she put the black jacket that she wore in Express Yourself back on over the Causing A Commotion outfit. It would make sense because in the Where's The Party clip you can briefly see the Causing A Commotion jacket under the black jacket. This is the best screencap I was able to get, those bright colors are basically the Causing A Commotion outfit. I know the screencap sucks but you can kinda see it better in the video. And then for Like A Virgin she took the jacket off and for the rest of the show wore the normal outfits. So starting with Like A Virgin it was basically all the normal outfits. I guess that solves the outfits mystery, except if she wore the black jacket for Open Your Heart or not.I was able to find of Open Your Heart from the same show, but the picture is so bad you can't tell if she's wearing the jacket or not. You can kind of tell that she's wearing the leggings though.The only thing that doesn't make sense to me is that she's wearing the leggings in Express Yourself, and then it looks as if she's wearing them in Open Your Heart as well, but then she's not wearing them in Causing A Commotion, and then in Where's The Party she's wearing them again. Why change pants? I can't explain that one.Then again, you said there's no time to change in between numbers, which I'd normally agree with, but since these were extreme conditions with lots of rain and a ton of guys on stage trying to make the stage less slippery, I'd say it's possible she had time to go backstage for a second and put on different pants. That's the only explanation I can think of for the above situation and how she's not wearing the leggings in Causing A Commotion.
  4. I actually just checked the audience video of the show earlier, and the version I have cuts off after Holiday, so there's no Keep It Together and if there is then I don't have it. I got the video of the show here. But like I said, I don't have the first few songs of the show because part 1 of the video isn't available. But the good thing to know is that part 1 exists, so someone out there should have it. I only downloaded part 3 out of curiosity so I don't know where part 2 starts, I'm guessing probably at Like a Virgin or Like a Prayer, but if you're lucky there might be a few seconds of the end of Where's The Party left at the beginning. I doubt it though but I'm not interested enough to download it.Even if part 1 of the video surfaces, the quality is horrible and you won't be able to see much, but at least we'll have confirmation if that's the leggings show or not, and if it is then we'll know what songs she wore them in. So my best guess is that, judging by the videos I've seen, she only wore them in Express Yourself, Where's The Party and probably Open Your Heart. So part 1 is what you're after in this case.Also, I've seen pictures of Causing A Commotion from the opening night of the Blond Ambition tour, and in them she's wearing her usual outfit just like in the first clip I posted, so there's some more evidence that she didn't wear the leggings in Causing A Commotion but then put them back on for Where's The Party, as shown in the video.As far as professional footage goes, the only thing I'm aware of is the black and white stuff from Truth Or Dare and the clip I posted in my other post.
  5. Are you sure they wore it the whole show? Cause in you can see her wearing her normal outfit in Causing A Commotion, but then when they show Where's The Party she's wearing the leggings again. I don't know if those clips are from the same show cause it seems strange for her to just change pants after Causing A Commotion, but you can see a guy on the floor trying to get rid of the rain in Causing A Commotion. So if that's the only Japanese show where it rained then I guess she didn't wear the leggings the whole show. Plus in that's from the opening night she's wearing her normal Vogue outfit, and if you check the other footage of that show you can see her wearing her usual outfits for most of the songs. I've seen most of the show except the first few songs, so I can't know for sure if that's really the opening night. I guess someone would have to post a clip of Express Yourself to see if it's really the show where she wore the leggings. The guy who posted the Vogue video also posted another clip of the same show where you can see that the stage is wet, and you can see the same guy from the Causing A Commotion clip trying to get rid of the rain.I think they probably just exaggerated that whole rain thing for Truth Or Dare and she only wore it for the first couple songs.
  6. David Fincher shooting BAT Yokohama shows on 35mm? That's news to me. Fincher has done some gorgeous music videos, so I'm sure those shows must have been filmed real well.I feel like if we're ever gonna get any BAT show on Blu-Ray then it's gonna be the Paris shows, since a lot of effort was put into that whole thing. The Paris shows win by number of cameras and different angles alone. They basically got every angle covered on a ton of cameras over 3 nights. I don't think anyone actually cares enough to put that stuff out though. If M really wanted to release it then it would have happened already.Also, how come you can't see any guys with film cameras in the BAT Yokohama show that was released on laserdisc? I mean, I never looked too close, but you'd guess they'd have some kind of on stage camera guys if they're shooting it all fancy on film and stuff. I'm guessing they shot other Japanese shows then, so either the shows in Chiba or Nishinomiya. I'd actually prefer seeing those over Yokohama since we have a Yokohama show already and it'd be interesting to see another show of the Japanese leg.So anyway, if that above interview is correct and they did shoot some BAT Japan shows on 35mm, then the only choices for a Blu-Ray release are either the Japanese shows or Paris, and I'm pretty sure if it ever comes down to it they would release the Paris shows. I feel like they wouldn't even consider releasing the Japanese shows since the fan demand is higher for the Paris ones. I'd personally prefer one of the Japanese shows but any M show on Blu-Ray is fine with me.Over all of that I'd much rather have the Virgin Tour on Blu-Ray though. It's weird that they haven't released that yet, unless there's some issue with the rights or something.