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  1. Shocked.....Avicii was such an inspiration for RH. May he rest in Peace
  2. He did real awesome Songs with i love the Idea for a Collab again. Welcome on the Madonna Boat again Mirwais...and don't let it sink otherwise i beat your butt.
  3. Mo 80 ties
  4. and the best thing much M will be included <3
  5. Peparing for a 90 ties Party this Night
  6. after ages i've been looking for it...mine for a short price...yas
  7. I love it more than before. Thanks for your hard work
  8. Ryan Tedder is the best Info till yet....M & Him could be real awesome.
  9. I hope she stays away from any Studio till Madonnas work is done. Thank you
  10. yes after that Album she will be a Nun and lives in a Monastery