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  1. I love it more than before. Thanks for your hard work
  2. Ryan Tedder is the best Info till yet....M & Him could be real awesome.
  3. I hope she stays away from any Studio till Madonnas work is done. Thank you
  4. yes after that Album she will be a Nun and lives in a Monastery
  5. I love Annie.....but the real rare Ones are not included.....Damn. But i buy it anyway
  6. What else should she do in a Studio then recording. Doing her workout with a Micro????
  7. Music Station have to come back to play good Music again. About Music Stations here....boring same shit over month & month. This is why i don't listen to Radio Stations. There was big Room on TV Shows here in Germany for her on "Wetten Dass,,,???" After all her Acts there was a Top 10 Hit here. Damn these Shows are over. The only thing i want is amazing Songs and great sounds. Madonna will choose the Sounds she want, she's the Boss and not the Producers. So a liitle more trust in her would be good.
  8. Justin bangs a Nr 1 Hit after his Act on ESC. But it was the best Song on this Evening. I would love to see her there
  9. Damn...cause they have really cool sounds that Madonna never did before.