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  1. well there is a lucky Star...i think both actors are lucky stars... Cum on Baby. But i cannot hear M either
  2. Movie: Call Me By Your Name I love this one
  3. yas...In Bed with Madonna - Special Edition inkl. Bildband Nudes (+ DVD) [Blu-ray] pre-ordered ;-)

    1. Steffmad
    2. wtg1987


      I saw that but think its too expensive ? i have the US blu so i might wait and see if this drops in price :)

    3. Enrico


      These nudes have nothing to do with TOD! Second disc with deleted scenes or Alek commentary, that would be a release!

  4. Asia the releases are on Wednesdays! It's still a rumour like many things around her now. e will see what happen...or not
  5. Out on 06.06.2018....another rumour...hope it's true.
  6. Madonna has not started in Januar 2018 with this new Album...she started much earlier. She never had hastagged SOON for Rebel heart Album...just You heard it or writing some Lyrics as hint! She will pull it out soon...sooner than we think. Cause now the leak can get come on Baby.
  7. I really hope it comes soon.
  8. Having my "Feel it in your body, sing la dee da dee" Day!


    1. Liam


      Well, don't let us stop you....


  9. I never met a Fan who is totally satisfied with Madonna's included. I don't even think here is someone who never critized her. Hello We are Madonna Fans and We have different Opinions...and yes sometimes We are arrogant...but in a nice Way. Well most times. I only want her to make good Music & Videos...and pull out the right Songs for Singles!!! That's all
  10. A Performance would be awesome...Justin was Nr 1 after his apperance 2016. The best Thing to promote a new Single and grab the 1 Spot. But Guy O sleeps....
  11. This seems more rehearsal for a show???...the cap looks a bit to much just for fitness.
  12. Falling in Love with this..Awesome 


  13. i still think those could be put together by Orbit himself...did this make it Fanmade??? Orbit experimented a lot in his Studio with Sounds...and the Instrumental does not sound like the leaked one for me. But who knows i love it anyway.