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  1. Why the people is still making unnecesary reply when we finally have the "Thanks" button.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. scottyj


      ya what is wrong with a thank you lol

    3. devilpray


      15 hours ago, Fighter said:

      i guess some people don't even know they can react instead of reply, just like they can't tell the difference between the report and reply button. :cryin:

      Is this still a thing? I-

    4. Fighter


      43 minutes ago, devilpray said:

      Is this still a thing? I-

      once in a while lmao

  2. A sub-forum about Jimmy Jimmy the best Madonna song ever.
  3. It is simple. If you tell Madonna that she should not do something, she will do it more and more.
  4. I wonder why no one ever made a proper interview of A Certain Sacrifice and her very very early years...
  5. SOME NEW TRACK NAMES LEAKED Peanuts inside my pussy Donald Trump kiss my ass Fascist, I'm Madonna (featuring Nicki Minaj) La Isla Bonita (featuring Maluma) Candy Shop (featuring Pitbull) Fascist, I'm Madonna (The White House Remix)
  6. I'm here for a Nicki Minaj featuring and a Candy Shop re-recording.
  7. When you insert the DVD to the computer you get nothing at all? A error message or something? You can see the VIDEO_TS or the files on the DVD, or can be played like a movie?
  8. The DVD can be played in your computer (with PowerDVD or any player)? If not... maybe the problem is on your DVD reader, try with another PC. If it can be reader maybe it have a anti-copy system (I don't think for a fanmade DVD), try with DVD Shrink or Alcohol 120%. Usually I made ISO's of my DVD's with CDBurnerXP, but usually this don't have anti-copy.
  9. Try with AnyDVD
  10. What? Is one of her best vocal performances, just not in the "sweet" mode of the CD, but is totally in tune, and a lot better than the RHT version.
  11. She's not out of tune at all, just with a bad breathing 'cause the moves. She sounds the same in Like A Virgin from RHT and Let It Will Be from CT (Listen her real vocals no the DVD's)
  12. In Ray Of Light she just is not in her real tone. But not sounds so bad. Borderline actually is not out of tune, only at the end of some words, I prefer her real vocals than the dubbed version for the DVD, she is in her rock voice, not the "nice CD voice", and I love it!
  13. Heaven is one of my favorites, I love the lyrics, this sould be released as a single.
  14. A lasserdisc and vhs release with songs cut and in 4:3?