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  1. thanx so much fighter for always beeing spot on! great update!
  2. laurendelia sounds like justin bieber sound to me! let's see what our queen gets out of them! ....hmmmm
  3. TAB is a classic!
  4. i am very happy that she reacts to the posts and confirms that she is not doing hip hop or rap ;) i still think it would be better to keep it all under wraps, rather then tease for the next year or so! LOL what is your opinion on that? do you wanna be informed constantly or totally surprised by a final product without any background information?
  5. please no boring hip hop shit anymore! all starrah songs sound the same....
  6. i will only say this once, but i really think it's not her fault that she gained so much weight! i am not an expert but i really do think she is on antidepressants! Judging from her latest instagram posts (very depressing) and her change in figure since the troubles with rocco and her speech at the billboard awards, you can really tell she lost her thick skin which is no wonder for a woman her age, no matter if she is famous or not! i really hope she is well and will overcome this dark phase soon! For a star her magnetude and a Leo as starsign it's for sure hard for her to deal with not beeing as relevant in the music business as she used to be! Giving her all in penning songs and not beeing played on the radio and her stuff beeing stolen in the first place took a much bigger toll on her as she would ever admit i guess! Keep fighting my Queen! Luv you! what are your impressions? could i be right? i experienced such phases myself and know what i am talking about! i really hope i am wrong but somehow i doubt that!
  7. my guess is you miss some dvd files apart from the vobs!
  8. of course they are! i own them both LOL https://www.amazon.co.uk/Blue-Face-Blu-ray-Harvey-Keitel/dp/B005GJTNBW Girl 6 is only avaible in Japan!
  9. you miss Vision Quest , Blue in the face & Girl 6! they are all avaible on blu ray as well!
  10. well i can't even buy them as they are simply not avaible in the shops! why a release date when it can't be bought then! :(
  11. Half of them are stems made to my knowledge
  12. Happy Birthday @@Fighter wish you all the best!
  13. oh no my favourite city :( so sad! how long will this go on! :(
  14. thanx so much for all your wishes ;)
  15. Thank you so much guys