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  1. I still wish most the complete Virgin Tour and the official and unreleased Get Up Lisbon Re-invention Tour. I don't care so much about Blond Ambition as there are 2 officially release versions from Japan and France. I also would love the second leg for Sticky & Sweet Tour 2009 officially released and about leaks, I would love the untouched versions for MDNA Tour and Rebel Heart Tour as I think both are horrible edited.
  2. Like a Virgin vinyl album
  3. My top five: 1. Warning Signs 2. First is a kiss 3. Love Attack 4. Angels with Dirty Faces 5. Possesive Love
  4. Only she has a decent record deal again.
  5. OMG! What's the date of this show?? Seems it's a audience recording, but in very good quality. Someone knows if it's complete?
  6. So, we only need now another international version with Love don't live here anymore and the show will be complete! Take a bow would be great, even if it's a bonus.
  7. Well, I had hopes until the last second, but I'm not disappointed as I was before because I already prepare for the worst. So it was with the MDNA tour and this one for me is worse. Since the Virgin Tour there wasn't an incomplete show. Why do I will purchase a product that has been on the net for 8 months? It looks like a joke. And in bad taste. I won't spend my money this time. As I already have the Showtime broadcast I will only replace the cover and tha't it.
  8. Is it really listed as Live at Sydney?
  9. I'm looking like another user who used to answer every post here, but I promise this is the last one. I just think that Madonna (or her team) could hear more about the fans' wishes, which does not mean she should adapt her work to every individual taste. But leaving out of the setlist at least two songs never sung before and that was the desire of the majority, is to be totally disconnected from the big fan base she still has. On the issue of editing, it's a matter of personal taste really and I will always think the Showtime broadcast editing awful. If it is the view she currently has about her own shows, I can only feel sorry for her. But editions that do not portray the live thing and look more like a giant video clip, really are not for my taste and the MDNA tour DVD was the last one I bought.
  10. Great to hear it. I still think that forum is a democratic place where people can still give their honest opinion and even if the opinion does not change a situation, people can show their contentment or dissatisfaction about the situations. But sadly, at least for me, it's huge disappointment about this release, but this era officially ends on sept. 15th and let's move on. :wink:
  11. Well, good for you if you think it's cool the show looks like a film and not a live concert. Good for you too if you think the show is not missing 4 songs, but only 2. Of course if we do not count Who's that Girl. But IT'S YOUR OPINION, NOT MINE, if we can still have an opinion nowadays and that's what the point I said in the last post. If you don't care, I care about these things. Why is it so hard to accept that some fans might NOT just like one release without making them less fans than the others?
  12. Well, I do not think like you. It's my opinion even though it seems rude to you. It's not because the show belongs to Madonna, that I have to conform and feel gratified only about fact it’s being released. As a product, I think the DVD edition of the show is very bad and it does not look like a live record at all. I never said and I will never say the show or Madonna’s art are bad. I really love the show and also the Rebel Heart Heart CD. My complaint is about the Showtime broadcast and also with the fact that the show is incomplete with FOUR MISSING SONGS. It’s the first time since The Virgin Tour release we’ll get an incomplete show. If some people do not care about this, I care and I will not buy a product that I dislike. For me, the issue is even worse than the MDNA DVD tour, which I watched only once. Anyway, there are many youtube videos with fan editions, which portray the show more faithfully than the Showtime broadcast. I will not spend my money with this product this time. Maybe in the next era. That's all.
  13. Since when does Madonna (or her horrible team) care about what the fans think and ask? The DVD setlist will be incomplete and will be the terrible edition of Showtime broadcast. The extras will just be Like a Prayer and the Tears of a Clown jokes and not the songs. It has been like this for years and I doubt it will change something missing just 2 months to launch.
  14. A last hope? lol
  15. Well, since it is the same garbage edition of the Showtime broadcast and it misses 3 songs (LDLHA, Lucky Star and Take a Bow), for the first time since 1984, I won't purchase an official DVD from hers. I will wait some fan edits it and add the missing songs and then I will download and will make my own DVD.