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  1. Physical Attraction Dress you up Papa don't preach Like a Prayer Bad Girl Love tried to welcome me The Power of Goodbye Gone Nothing Fails Get Together Across the Sky Love Spent Heartbreak City
  2. This used to be my playground. Amazing video!
  3. I bought this album in the 80's only because of this song.
  4. Physical Attraction, Where's the Party, Spanish Eyes, Skin, Time Stood Still, Beat Goes On, Love Spent and Devil Pray.
  5. My all time wanted songs are Bad Girl and Physical Attraction.
  6. Re-invention tour. I love the setlist.
  7. Fourteen years and no release. At least, we got a professional footage.
  8. What is the release date? The photos are so interesting. I hope they release also a sountrack with remastered versions from Madonna's early songs.
  9. Interview magazine is over??? :(
  10. It's so hard to choose only one. But my favorite are Virgin, Prayer and Light.
  11. Baby Love by Regina. It was produced by Stephen Bray and it's soo Madonna.