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  1. Janet's got a lot going on this year. Two festivals and hopefully the European SOTW announcement. It's all just a matter of time. For now she's just resting in London with Eissa.
  2. The forum looks so slick now. I like it a lot.

  3. I wish they'd all leak,but we can't always get what we want unfortunately.
  4. I would just appreciate that there'd be a specific request/request fulfillment section here for multimedia and that the Other Artists' File Sharing section was more expanded into categories for the most popular artists (Britney,Janet,Kylie,Gaga,etc.) so it's easier to browse that part of the forum. Otherwise the forum is fantastic and I cannot wait to see what changes you'll be bringing on.
  5. I've literally changed my username like 1500 times. But thank you for the birthday wishes. You're the best.
  6. I used to use torrents all the time to download stuff and my dad would get copyright notifications and our Internet would get turned off sometimes because of it until I deleted the torrent and the file in the torrent so it really depends on your ISP.
  7. Both songs are fantastic. But Take A Bow is a masterpiece out of the two. So I'm choosing Take A Bow.
  8. I mean how could you not? You're the best. OT: I have not,but it'd be nice to have more Madonna friends on here to talk to lol,especially off the forum.
  9. It's all speculation at this point. But there's been words from reputable sources saying that she is gearing up for a new album,the international leg of State Of The World Tour,and the Netflix docu-series all this year. She's been seen all last year with a film crew so the Netflix thing is happening for sure (or some type of documentary about the last two years for her). And at the end of the Atlanta concert (the last American SOTW concert) she said "This is the last show of the American leg of the State Of The World Tour.",meaning that she kind of dropped the hint that an international leg of the tour is impending. As for a new album I'm not entirely sure that she will be doing it because it's been speculated since she gave birth to Eissa and divorced Wissam that she's been in the studio recording new songs for an upcoming album. I've always stuck to the sentiment that everything will happen in time when she announces it from her lips.
  10. I know this introduction video is like super cringey but I tried really hard this time to produce a "decent" video and I even wrote down what I wanted to say so I wouldn't babble like a complete moron. If you like what I made then subscribe. I will be uploading videos weekly but not on a set day,except my next video which will be up in the next couple days,which you'll get to know me a little bit better. And if you want as well,you can also follow Divinya on social media platforms: Facebook fan page: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: If you didn't die from cringe,then I hope to see you on my next video!
  11. Not even 20 posts and you're demanding people follow your rules and you're not even a moderator? Okay,gurl.
  12. I made a new compilation of (almost) all of the unleaked B-roll clips just for shits and giggles. For extra irony,I added in Runaway Lover.
  13. This is the start of a new business venture for me as I've since lost my job working at a grocery store (which I choose to not get into for personal reasons) and I have nowhere else to really go at this moment in time. I'm not homeless and my parents are 100% supporting me in this decision. They truly are the greatest parents in the world and they will always love and accept me and everything I do and I cherish that with all of my heart because I know not a lot of people are very lucky. Sorry for that minor tangent but I felt it needed to be said. Anyways,this is a page where you can contact me for video/audio services and graphic design services. I will do anything in that realm for any event you or a family member or friend or acquaintance may desire. I've been doing it most of my life and it's me turning my passion into a career. I was originally planning to go to college to receive a degree in these fields,but I decided against it because it would serve me no purpose as these degrees only carry you so far. I am planning on doing a reel eventually of my work so people can see what I've done over the last few years,especially within the Vivacity Studios name. My YouTube and Vimeo channels are both linked on this page so you can see my work through either site to see what kind of videos I edit. I can custom tailor any edit to any event,whether it's a wedding,graduation,baby/bridal shower,anniversary,family reunion,high school/college reunion,etc. I will also edit for anyone in any country who wants it.
  14. My new promotional trailer for Janet Jackson's new album that might be coming out next year (2018). This is basically a forty year career synopsis condensed into two minutes. The music is by Music Junkies and the song is called Brutal Revolution,which is used in movie trailers. I was inspired by Malc Jennings and his introduction video for Michael Jackson's 53rd birthday back in 2012 (which I will link in the comments of this) as well as being inspired by the montage that started the tribute to Janet at the 2015 BET Awards where she received the Ultimate Icon Award. Please share this around with everyone you know. Tweet it out and do whatever you can,I'd love for this to get to Janet herself. This is the video that inspired me to create this trailer: