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  1. Was there ever a DVD of the Drowned World Tour backdrops with all monitors? I know of the monitor 4 DVD which is where we got most of the backdrops but does an all monitors version of it exist?

    1. poserdemadonna


      Not sure there was another DVD, but I know there were other backdrops posted that were not in Monitor 4

  2. Still insanely depressed that no more Take A Bow b-roll has leaked beyond that clip of her in the TV. :cry:

    1. wtg1987


      Its a shame that he hasn't leaked ANY of his b-roll :(((

  3. They're not allowed to be uploaded to these forums as stated by Fighter in the media forum rules,but he's fully allowed to keep it to himself for his music collection.
  4. Hun I would have probably done the same. Totally joking. But I've always wanted tour jackets from my favorite artists. They're unfortunately way too expensive for what I can afford.
  5. I never said "she didn't deserve the success". I fully believe that she deserved all the success in the world at that point in time. I'm just saying that I wish more of her underrated eras before and after this period in time were given some love too,like Bedtime Stories/Evita/ROL.
  6. Like A Prayer/Blond Ambition era. Yes it's her most iconic but that's literally the only era everyone inside and outside the fan community talks about. I appreciate the album and tour and they are very near and dear to my heart,but I wish that other eras got the same appreciation.
  7. I was more disappointed in the interludes on this tour more than anything. The intro was the best part of the whole show and all the interludes that followed were beyond cheap. She clearly had filmed an actual clip for the S.E.X. interlude but they replaced all the footage she had filmed with the Erotica video for no reason. Messiah's a beautiful song but unfortunately the interlude was just the Ghosttown video. Illuminati was the second best interlude next to the intro and they put a lot more effort into that one than the two previously mentioned. I feel like she didn't try with this tour compared to all of her other ones. She wanted to please a specific target audience clearly and not those who have been watching her perform for 30+ years. Just a setlist with mostly Rebel Heart material sprinkled with her 80s hits throughout was pretty dull if you ask me and I didn't see the tour live. Hopefully she comes back with a show that pleases the people who have been seeing her since The Virgin Tour next time around.
  8. Bow down to our lord and savior Minogsus Christ.
  9. Janet's got a lot going on this year. Two festivals and hopefully the European SOTW announcement. It's all just a matter of time. For now she's just resting in London with Eissa.
  10. The forum looks so slick now. I like it a lot.

  11. I wish they'd all leak,but we can't always get what we want unfortunately.
  12. I would just appreciate that there'd be a specific request/request fulfillment section here for multimedia and that the Other Artists' File Sharing section was more expanded into categories for the most popular artists (Britney,Janet,Kylie,Gaga,etc.) so it's easier to browse that part of the forum. Otherwise the forum is fantastic and I cannot wait to see what changes you'll be bringing on.
  13. I've literally changed my username like 1500 times. But thank you for the birthday wishes. You're the best.
  14. I used to use torrents all the time to download stuff and my dad would get copyright notifications and our Internet would get turned off sometimes because of it until I deleted the torrent and the file in the torrent so it really depends on your ISP.
  15. Both songs are fantastic. But Take A Bow is a masterpiece out of the two. So I'm choosing Take A Bow.