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  1. Michael was taking fan suggestions for his This Is It shows though lmao. I don't know I just think it'd be cool to give fans an opportunity to get a window into Madonna's brain and see what it'd be like to produce a concept for her concert. Just one set concept not like several concepts. Do a contest maybe?
  2. I wish that Madonna would take fan suggestions for her tour,like concepts for setlists and for performances on tour. The fans really come up with some amazing things that can be pulled off easily with her mega budget and know-how to do things.
  3. Just came back from vacation a little over twenty minutes ago. Did I miss anything exciting?

    1. madgefan


      Fighter nudes

  4. This isn't even confirmed. This is all just speculation.
  5. I don't think Madonna would be stupid enough to surprise perform a new single and attempt to steal Janet's thunder since Janet's coming back at the BBMA's. If anything it'd be wise if Madonna was able to book an hour on Ellen and perform the new single and talk about the new album she's been crafting,moving to Portugal,her newly adopted twins,and whatever else.
  6. I still need those few S&S backdrops to leak (Candy Shop 2008,4 Minutes,Hung Up,and Devil). Someone be a saint and do the deed.

    1. Dunk96


      Also leak Give It 2 Me & Hung Up's backdrops from the promo tour as well. ;) Thanks.

  7. Y'all are really angry that Janet is getting this award. She deserves it after what she's been through over the last fourteen years after the Superbowl fiasco and the music industry attempting to erase her legacy. Madonna has gotten more than her fair share of praise in recent memory,so quit acting like Madonna isn't getting her high praises. It's Janet's moment. Stay pressed.

    1. migsou


      preach :heart:

  8. I personally could never see Madonna confining herself to one set spot for more than three shows. It'd be cool,especially if she came to do a residency in my hometown (Vegas) but I highly doubt Madonna is ever going to do a residency anywhere,even in somewhere like NYC or London or even Lisbon (where she recently moved to). She does not seem like the type of artist to tie herself down to one venue. I also didn't think Cher would ever do it either but she's already on her second residency show and still killing the game.
  9. So this is purely speculation then?
  10. 1.) B-roll from music videos that hasn't leaked but is available in snippets (Secret,Don't Tell Me,Bedtime Story,Frozen,Take A Bow,Nothing Really Matters,etc.) 2.) Backdrops from Drowned World Tour to Rebel Heart Tour in original qualities especially ones that aren't available in any quality (Drowned World/Substitute For Love from Drowned World,Into The Groove from Re-Invention Tour,4 Minutes & Hung Up from Sticky & Sweet and Hard Candy Promo Tours,etc.) 3.) Acapella stems for Madonna's entire discography from 1982-present. 4.) Concerts from every Madonna era that haven't leaked and come from the jumbotron feeds at the shows (Virgin Tour especially). All of my dreams are pipe dreams though lmao.
  11. There's a search function you can use to look for anything you want.
  12. I'm seriously devastated that no backdrop leaks have happened in over a year. :cry:

  13. GagaDaily.
  14. Join me (Vivacity Studios) for a five-video series counting down to Janet Jackson's 52nd birthday. The series begins Friday,May 11th and concludes Wednesday,May 16th,Janet's birthday. I've worked very hard in conceptualizing,editing,and making sure these are the best videos possible for Janet's birthday celebration. All of the videos in this series will be uploaded to my Vimeo channel which you can follow here: https://vimeo.com/vivacitystudiosinc Don't miss out on these epic videos!
  15. Was there ever a DVD of the Drowned World Tour backdrops with all monitors? I know of the monitor 4 DVD which is where we got most of the backdrops but does an all monitors version of it exist?

    1. poserdemadonna


      Not sure there was another DVD, but I know there were other backdrops posted that were not in Monitor 4