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  1. I love "Arabology" !!
  2. Here ;)
  3. Like A Virgin and Who’s That Girl will be released on vinyl in July 2018 as a part of Back To The 80s Exclusive: Like A Virgin [603497860739] on solid white vinyl on July 3rd, Who’s That Girl [603497860517] on black vinyl on July 17th. Pre-orders are available in US stores. Link for pre-orders from "Barnes & Noble" Like A Virgin (white vinily) Who's That Girl (regular black vinily)
  4. Are you serious? lol
  5. Ty!
  6. "This Limited Edition Record Store Day title will be available on red vinyl and also features a poster and obi strip, per the original European release. " No, is the regular edition thank God.
  7. Thanks! @@Flawless
  8. In my opion they are downsized from real master, i never see in the past file like "EROTICA" in amazing quality as the one sharede here, "deeper and deeper" or "everybody" ;)
  9. Well well well, I see a lot of audiovisual technicians here lol