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  1. Thank you soooo much
  2. I really can't stand Body Shop on Rebel Heart - they could have put something better instead imho (some demos were actually very nice for me).
  3. I think that there is just "anononymity" or "anonomynity". I hear "anonomynity" but "anononymity" makes more sense. And yes... she sang the word with a mistake (but it fits the song so good).
  4. let me see those snippets...
  5. Tough choice, but I go for HN, because that's the song I listen to the most <3
  6. I love the album version of Best Friend
  7. Thank you soooooo much
  8. Express Yourself vs Future Lovers/I Feel Love Open Your Heart vs Get Together Causing a Commotion vs Like a Virgin Where's the Party vs Jump Like a Virgin vs Live to Tell Like a Prayer vs Forbidden Love Live to Tell vs Isaac Oh Father vs Sorry Papa Don't Preach vs Like it Or Not Sooner or Later vs I Love New York Hanky Panky vs Ray of Light Now I'm Following You vs Let It Will Be Material Girl vs Drowned World/Substitute for Love Cherish vs Paradise (Not For Me) Into the Groove vs Music Inferno Vogue!!!!! vs Erotica Holiday vs La Isla Bonita Keep It Together vs Lucky Star/Hung Up BAT 11 : 8 CT Hard choice, because they stay on really high artistic level, but show it in different ways.
  9. Oh, someone just posted it on facebook saying it's official poster
  10. The Look of Love <3
  11. I had the same situation and I had to wait one month (a friend of mine told me to do so) - it worked for me!