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  1. I think, I have to stop with reuploads or sharing since I received a warning - maybe this is all that I deserve

    1. MadonnaLove
    2. Liam


      Why would you get a "warning" for re-uploading something?  Or is it something that is "official" that shouldn't be uploaded or was asked not to be uploaded by the administration? Or does the warning have anything to do with what you uploaded?  Just curious?

    3. Fighter


      you received a warning 3 years ago for posting official material and it expired in February 2015 sis... 

  2. if it be true
  3. registration needed (site is on russian but the program is EN) [Hidden Content]
  4. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room - Orchestral Version 4:00
  5. Mysore Style maybe from Orbit's Music Sessions, I didn't check cause I think it was shared @ forum, my answer was about tag "mix"
  6. @ "Madonna mix" I collect fan-made remixes. So, your founds are non-official
  7. anyway, interesting versions
  8. about Little Girl... I think that 4"00' only version is legit and others 2 are made from stems (#2 - Final & Rough Monitor Mix) p.s. my thoughts are similar with beam-of-light
  9. some more snippets [Hidden Content] Thief of hearts - fake with Paula Abdul - Opposites Attract (Shep's Special Mix)
  10. It would be great to hear