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  1. Me too :D
  2. Anyone here is a Monáe's fan too? She dropped two new videos today and also put her new album for pre-order <3
  3. NRM NRM NRM NRM NRM NRM NRM NRM NRM NRM NRM NRM NRM NRM NRM NRM NRM NRM NRM NRM NRM NRM NRM NRM I never get tired of it, incredible song, fantastic video, everything I always expect from her <3
  4. For those who like/love Bextor as me, today a new disco song of hers, a featuring with LCAW, was premiered. Enjoy! https://www.idolator.com/7674113/lcaw-sophie-ellis-bextor-hummingbird-premiere
  5. Oh Jesus, what a difficult choice... ROL and COAD are my favorites, but having to take only one, I chose ROL, because it was with this album that I finally became a real fan of hers and also because it has my favorite song ever, NRM <3
  6. When I read these news, I immediately thought that it was something related to her new movie. But I also truly feel that she's not gonna let the year she's turning 60 pass her by, without a new album.
  7. LMFAO
  8. I confess I don't care that much about remixes and instrumentals, I prefer outtakes. It would be nice to hear some of Like a Prayer era, as none from those sessions has leaked yet.
  9. Congratulations! May Mother Madonna, Saint Whitney, Holy Mariah and all the goddesses from Mount Olympus of Music bless your marriage forever and ever!
  10. Loved the song, looking forward the album. Just curious, do we have unreleased songs from her floating out there? Never heard about them anywhere...
  11. That would be great! But, for me, NRM should have the complete performance it deserves for being such a wonderful song, as TAB. C'mon, M!
  12. Nothing Really Matters, for God's sake!
  13. I was at their concert here in Brazil in May, my first one ever. I was so happy for finally getting the chance to see them live. He seemed so joyful too, hard to believe what is happening right now... Just a week after a close friend of mine did the same... :( Depression is a very serious thing. And what kills me most is that, usually, we can do nothing to help the cherish one in situations like this. May our prayers be with him now.
  14. I must say that I only gave a chance to Björk after visiting her exhibition at MoMa, in 2015. I left it very curious to hear her whole discography, to know better her work, and I confess I fell in love with her after it all! My favs from her include one common choice among the fans, Post, and another one which is not very common, Volta. And, besides them, Vulnicura is a special album for me, because it was right after seeing the video of Black Lake being premiered during the exhibition that my admiration for her started to grow.
  15. Really? Already? Just two years after Vulnicura, very early! Anyway, it doesn't matter, super excited with this info, looking forward to her new album! And the message of "hope" from this new album seems to be an overcoming from her pain pictured in Vulnicura.