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  1. can i say i couldn't have done without the sex book, the erotica album, the girlie show tour, and this movie. the whole era was fantastic. fuck what conservative people had to say.
  2. I love her!! couldn't find any link that works though...
  3. was this album released before the book in the US? all i remember was that both hit the stores at the same time in germany. justify my love was revolutionary.
  4. That's next on my list! Feel free to post trailers. I'm looking for tips on what to watch.
  5. saw this one last night. absolutely loved it. a must-see, and not only for the LGBT community, for anyone who loves atmospheric art house/independent movies
  6. What if she auditioned dancers for MDNA Skin...and intends to use them for a later tour too... anyone ever thought of that.
  7. How can we get you to cooperate with more old school experts in songwriting and production?
  8. a dying breed.
  9. i clearly remember there was a moment where she suggests to timberland and timberlake to turn something up or down (the bass or something) and madonna says something along the lines of "wouldn't that be cool?", and there are just weird looks, a short stare between timberland and timberlake, and both leave her hanging right there. i can't find the actual video. i wasn't referring to the crying thing with pharrell...that's a well-known thing. PS: it was part of below featurette... but can't open the first video from germany
  10. nice! two truly brilliant albums.
  11. wasn't there a video with madonna, timberlake and timbaland where they were in a mobile recording studio? right before or after the half of fame induction thingy? (Verizon something?) there i got the impression that madonna was least involved in HC compared to other records. there was an uncomfortable tension between the three in the video, anyone remember/got a link?
  12. i feel horrible for saying this but...i can really do without her showing her kids. bores me to death. what is she repeating herself with? the haters?
  13. It has a very light, feminine feel, so I see where the sex and the city connotation comes from. always liked the song, should play it more often.
  14. my standpoint is pretty simple and has probably been expressed before: she can do whatever the fuck she wants. her tits are great and she can expose or hide them, whatever her mood is. no matter her age, shape or mood. good? the bickering is unbearable!!! childish on all sides! and stop telling me what i should or shouldn't ignore. thanks. it's posted, it's out and thus, open for any kind of comment or judgement. if i were an admin, i'd lock it. goodnight.
  15. her best shape imo: